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Best Local TV Sports Anchor Dallas 2007 - Dale Hansen

Readers' Choice: Dale Hansen
Only one guy is good enough, cool enough, smug enough and—did we say good enough?—to interrupt his own nightly radio show with his own nightly TV show. He doesn't have Mike Doocy's hair or Newy Scruggs' hipness or Babe Laufenberg's history, but Hansen still has the metroplex mesmerized by being both plugged in and unplugged. On KESN-103.3 FM ESPN, Hansen is brash enough to keep us listening. And on Channel 8, he's smart enough to hire Erin Hawksworth and keep us watching. Though old enough to remember when the Hard Rock opened and when Deep Ellum was cool, he's still got it. We wonder, though, with Bill Parcells no longer around, if Hansen will continue his harsh criticism, bullish opinions and brutal honesty on all things Cowboys. Of course, we also wonder if his flirty verbal jousts with weatherman Pete Delkus secretly drove Troy Dungan into early retirement.
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Who make Pete Delkus' suits?

David Kearney
David Kearney

I hope this makes it to Dale Hansen. I also hope that your (Dale Hansen) fellow sports writters will add an asterisk to the Patriots "perfect Season". They cheated in their first five games, gaught caught, paid millions in fines. I don't know why they weren't required to forfeit those games. So much for 16 and 0. So much for the integrity of the NFL.


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