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Best Martini Dallas 2007 - Yutaka Sushi Bistro's Martini Sunomo Salad

Yutaka Sushi Bistro\'s Martini Sunomo Salad

Yutaka Sushi Bistro's Martini Sunomo Salad

2633 McKinney Ave.

Dallas, TX 75204


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1512 Commerce St.
There are innumerable ways to formulate a martini. Fuel it with vodka, gin or tequila. Treat it with green apple, cranberry, chocolate or whatever chick drink accoutrement you can dream up; or kick it with pickled okra and a Nicorette patch for the ultimate anti-Dean Martin refreshment. But to really finesse the martini, skip the hooch and go sunomo. Yutaka's martini sunomo salad arrives in billows of fog dissipating from the frosted martini glass. Underneath is a meticulously assembled medley of vegetables and fresh catch: octopus, shrimp and fish huddled in the cool fog with seaweed, daikon sprouts, pickled carrot, cucumber and crab. Real crab.
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This is a sushi restaurant.. are these comments for a different place or what?

Sandy Folsom
Sandy Folsom

This isn't just another Tex Mex restaurant!!!!Wow, what an amazing selection. Authenticity is certainly apparent here. Chef Amador was entertaining and his food was excellent. I will be back and bring friends with me.The bar is explosive.


guac rocks! Great table presentationAttentive service without being intrusive

bad taste to ask for payment before valet parks our cars


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