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Best Owner Dallas 2007 - Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys

How the hell can a guy who fired Tom Landry and signed Terrell Owens ever make it up to Cowboys fans? Simple. Super Bowl XLV. While Mark Cuban was lobbing lawsuits with Don Nelson, and Tom Hicks was spending more of his money on English soccer and less on his local losers, Jones dug $350 million out of his own pocket to build a $1 billion stadium and attract the 2011 Super Bowl to Arlington. At times during his reign more conniving than Elizabeth Albanese, Jones these days—along with sidekick closer Roger Staubach—seems capable of bringing peace to the Middle East. He meddles. He finagles. But most of all, he cares. More than football, the new stadium is the world's most profound act of vanity. Until, that is, the day he names himself head coach. Tick...tick...tick...
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Allen Brooks
Allen Brooks

He can form a brand new "NFL Network" to extort even more money out of folks for the richest sport in the world! This loyal Cowboys" fan, who has never missed a Cowboys' game since the era of Eddie LeBaron, except for a stint overseas in service, is pretty darned upset! How greedy can you get? You know what? Pound sand, Jerry!


Jerry Jones should put on a reality tv show about a bunch of wanna be receivers trying to make the pre-season squad.


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