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Best Place to Wig Out Dallas 2007 - Wig Paradise

Wig Paradise

Wig Paradise

118 Wynnewood Plaza

Dallas, TX 75224


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Nestled in a narrow nook at Wynnewood Village Shopping Center is one of the hottest hairgoods happenings in the wild and woolly wig scene of Dallas. Didn't think there was a wig scene? Dallas is home to more than 30 specialized wig stores. Add beauty supply businesses that sell wigs and the number rises into the hundreds. What sets Wig Paradise apart? Customer service. Patrons who walk through the doors are immediately greeted by a friendly and attentive staff that make it their mission to help you choose the wig best suited to your needs. Experienced technicians are on hand to cut, trim, thin and style your wig right there, right then. The stock is not limited to full cap wigs, but also includes falls, pieces, braids, wiglets, puffs, clip-in hair extensions and other creative hair solutions available in both synthetic fibers and human hair. Look for staffers Linda or Shannon to give you advice and a true analysis of what looks best on you. It could be the difference between looking like a million bucks—and looking like you've got a wig on your head.
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Chelsea Chanel
Chelsea Chanel

I like the fact that when you walk into the salon its different from the rest.The people are nice and friendly and the are very helpful. They have alot of wigs to choose from as they promise. And staffers where different wigs and that is sort of a reassurance that it will get done right!!!!


We are looking for someone good to work with our 13 year old daughter. Please contact us. She has allopecia and has no hair on top of her head. We have had bad experiences with a business in Little Rock and we are looking for someone with experience with children and human hair. Ordering, Styling, ect. Please adviseThanks a million


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