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Best Pool Hall Dallas 2007 - Hawley's Billiards

Hawley\'s Billiards

Hawley's Billiards

5623 Alpha Road

Dallas, TX 75240


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Here's the only bad thing about Hawley's: It's a neighborhood bar as much as it is a pool hall, and everybody who plays there pretty much knows each other. In fact, the manager estimates that night in and night out, he knows 90 percent of the clientele. But even if you are a stranger, they'll welcome you with open arms, so long as you know how to play pool. This place is everything you'd imagine a pool hall should be: plenty of tables, good music, cheap beer and smoky as hell. This is a place where you can have some fun, but it's also for serious pool players, the sort who make instructional tapes and win national championships. And if you don't have your own equipment, don't worry. There's a billiards store next door.
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I love Hawley's. I always have a great time there, especially when they have special events. The comment below is really old, so maybe "Angel" should re-visit Hawley's and make another comment. I'll bet Angel will change his/her opinion. I've met some great people there, have had lots of fun and I like the bartender, too. Walter Hawley is the best! Check it out for yourself. You'll be glad you did. The pool action is real good and I loved the music.


Hawleys is more like a lets not and say we did kind of place. Yes there are pool tables, music, drinks and lots of smoke but on a real level there are also plenty of thugs. There are fights that go down all of the time and you can not count on your bartender to be in the best of moods. I like pool but I would seriously reconsider hanging out there... I personally would make a drive to someplace with a little more class. Watch your cars,wallets,cases and back.


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