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Best Salsa Dallas 2007 - Taco Diner

Taco Diner

Taco Diner

4011 Villanova St.

Dallas, TX 75225-5317


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Some like it hot. They're sissies. We normally want our salsa spicy enough to serve as a paint stripper in a pinch. The salsa verde at Taco Diner, however, is a different animal. We're not sure exactly what they put in this magical sauce, but it's unlike any salsa we've had in Dallas, creamy smooth and iridescent green, with a tangy flavor that's great on the restaurant's mouth-watering tacos. It's flavorful enough to satisfy fans of heat, yet mild enough to appeal to even Yankee palates. Luckily, the service is top-notch, so if you want to go through four or five bowls (and you will), it's not a problem.
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Things have changed, and not for the better.  The salsa is still green, it is still creamy.

However what's missing is spiciness or any other taste whatsoever.  It was a waste of space on our table.

If it was ever the salsa of the gods, they need to re-up their game.


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