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Best Shows With Strings Attached Dallas 2007 - Kathy Burks' Theatre of Puppetry Arts

Kathy Burks\' Theatre of Puppetry Arts

Kathy Burks' Theatre of Puppetry Arts

5938 Skillman St.

Dallas, TX 75231


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For almost 35 years Kathy Burks has designed and produced puppet shows that make high art of non-human figures brought to life with strings, rods and hands. From a collection of puppets and marionettes that goes back to the early 1900s, Burks and her expert puppeteers make the characters so real that children in the audience, given the chance for post-show Q&A, will often address the puppets directly, completely ignoring the black-clad actors holding them. Magical shows such as Frog Prince and Velveteen Rabbit, presented at Dallas Children's Theater, home to Burks and her creations for the past decade, appeal to the kid in all of us. This company makes "wooden acting" a good thing.
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