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Best Small Theater Company Dallas 2007 - Bootstraps Comedy Theater - CLOSED

Bootstraps Comedy Theater

Bootstraps Comedy Theater

521 E. Lawther Drive

Dallas, TX 75218

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Readers' Choice: Dallas Children's Theater, Rosewood Center for Family Arts, 5938 Skillman St., 214-740-0051
Comedy is their middle name. This 3-year-old theater company, founded by drama grads from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, has built a fine following as the go-to group for a great big laugh. In their mission statement, founders Matt and Kim Lyle vow to use comedy to "break down the walls that exist between people shackled by societal norms." And if that means tripping and falling through a wall onstage, they're happy to do it. Scoring hits at the past two Festivals of Independent Theatres with Matt's plays Sunny & Eddie Sitting in a Tree and The Boxer (being revived for another run at the studio space at Dallas Children's Theater in mid-November), the Bootstrappers are pulling themselves up to stand as Dallas' funniest, most inventive young theater troupe. These Lumberjacks (that's the SFASU mascot) are OK.
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Flower Mound Performing Arts Theatre used to literally be in a barn, and not more than a few years ago. You should check out their website,


Well the the Barn part makes me think of the old Dallas Theatre Center down town, but that has since been demolished and was a large theatre anyhow. What area of town was this in? If you want to check something new out; there is a new company in town called the Risk Theatre Initiative that has just moved in to a small space off of Ross just east of down town. The observer didn't give their last show a good review, but I thought it was a very good show.

Also check out:Second Thought TheatreTheatre ThreeContemparary Theatre (this might be it. sorta barnish)


Hi, I am trying to find the theater that I attended about three years ago when I was here.

It had a barn-like setting. We sat on folding chairs and the play included helicopter sounds at the end. It was about women who ended up murdering their suitors and was just very well done. Sorry to be so dumb, buy I keep remembering the theater and how much fun it was there. I tend to enjoy small theaters and intimate settings and used to go to a small college theater in San Antonio. (I think the play was Italian) Can you help me find the theater? sorry, duh!


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