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Best Sports Venue Dallas 2007 - Dr Pepper Ballpark

Dr Pepper Ballpark

Dr Pepper Ballpark

7300 Rough Riders Trail

Frisco, TX 75034


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Other than naked on a waterbed with Denise Richards, the best place to watch a baseball game has to be Frisco. For a whopping $9. In the swimming pool. If you're tired of IKEA, Highway 121's traffic or the world's largest coagulation of MILFs and SUVs, slip into your Speedo, munch on a hot dog and take in some Double-A baseball from the Dr Pepper Ballpark's right-field swimming pool. With the Rangers of the future guaranteed to be better than the Rangers of the present, you'll probably see a win. And when you get water-wrinkled, take a tour of the ballpark's bathrooms—the only stadium restrooms in America designed by an interior decorator. Swear.
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FC Uptown
FC Uptown

Pizza Hut Park, no question, is the best sports venue in the Metroplex. No swimming pool (seriously, is that a reason to go to a ballpark?), but PHP has the greatest athletes and a wonderful pitch, and some of the peskiest fans around.


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