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Best State Fair Phoenix Dallas 2007 - The Texas Skyway

It's been nearly 28 years since the 1979 incident that put the State Fair's Swiss Sky Ride out of action, killing one and injuring 17. Before that, the ride had been one of the Fair's top attractions, shuttling passengers back and forth across the Midway and providing a bird's-eye view of the neon-lit festivities. This year the fair will reopen a new version of the ride—renamed the Texas Skyway; the cable system of 34 gondolas comes complete with the latest and greatest safety features afforded by modern technology. It also marks the first permanent addition to the Midway since the opening of the Texas Star, and it's about time—we've been waiting more than 20 years for something else to challenge our fear of heights. So keep an eye out for us up there—we'll be the ones hyperventilating with our eyes closed.
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won't happen- six flags over texas had Astro-lift for years until it was finally torn down due to mechanical failures in 1980. It was always broken and had similar issues- just no deaths that made the headlines. It sure was a great ride, though. Like the train, but didn't take as long.


I would like to know if the Texas Skyway is set up any other time of the year in Dallas or any other Texas city? San Antonio could sure use a Skyway at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.


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