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Best Sweet Treat Dallas 2007 - Delicious Cakes

Delicious Cakes

Delicious Cakes

14819 Inwood Road

Addison, TX 75001


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True story: A cupcake fell on the floor in a friend's kitchen. We were busy cleaning up the icing mess, while the majority of the cake carnage lay in a heap on the counter. The husband walked in. "What happened?" "Cupcake casualty." "How long was it down?" "More than 5 seconds." "Where's it from?" "Delicious Cakes." "I'm all over that." He scooped up the broken mound and savored it with reverence due a sacred relic. We've since experienced the Delicious Cakes greatness at a wedding and two other special events. Every time the baked creations have been perfectly moist and light, with just the right amount of icing—never any sugary overkill. The name seems simple and presumptuous, but it's an astute description of what the bakery has to offer in various forms (wedding, bridal, groom, personal party and bundt). Recommended flavors included Italian cream, red velvet, Mexican chocolate and fresh strawberry.
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Our reception was in April 2009. We contracted an elaborate, delicate and intricate design from Delicious Cakes and were assured they would deliver our dream cake. We paid an increased amount for this design. We remained in contact through emails, phone calls and face to face meetings between September 2008 - April 2009. At no point were we told that they could not replicate the design we wanted. They did not honor their obligation and after looking at the attached pictures, it is reasonable to surmise they never had any intention of delivering the design we contracted. Pictures can be found at: The first picture is what the middle layer was supposed to look like - it was to be an exact replication (minus the scrolls). The second picture was what the flower on the top tier was to look like - an exact match to our wedding invitations. Also, the sugar sheet was NOT to be dark and blurry as on the cake. We saw the dark and blurred sheet prior to it being put on the cake and said it was unacceptable. A new one was printed, we approved it, BUT the dark and blurry one was used anyway. The third picture is what I saw the day before the reception. The fourth picture is what was delivered - late, after guests had already arrived. Yes, the cakes are delicious but unless you want to run the risk of your reception being ruined because of the cake, think twice about ordering from Delicious Cakes. Had I not demanded to see the cake before its delivery, a monstrosity would have arrived. I had to spend the entire day before the reception in conflict with the management and even the owner of Delicious Cakes, demanding the cake be redone. In the end, what was delivered was not what we contracted and paid for. As you might know, planning a wedding reception is stressful enough without having to deal with the likes of Delicious Cakes.


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