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Best Tennis Facility Dallas 2007 - T Bar M Racquet Club

T Bar M Racquet Club

T Bar M Racquet Club

6060 Dilbeck Lane

Dallas, TX 75240


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With eight clay courts, 14 hard courts and eight indoor courts sprawled across its 13 acres just south of LBJ on Preston Road, T Bar M is the Ghostbar of the Dallas tennis scene. There isn't a better spot in town to play. Or to watch. Or, let's be honest, to gawk at really hot tennis players. If T Bar M's 23 teaching professionals and state-of-the-art facilities don't blow you away, how about Anna Kournikova? Back in November the prettiest player to never win a damn thing stopped by the club for a little skills session before her exhibition match in Frisco. Her appearance drew more body enthusiasts than Gunther von Hagens' Fair Park exhibit. Next?
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A few blocks away lies Brookhaven, the mothership of tennis. More indoor AND outdoor courts than TBar, and a $5 million renovation underway. The juniors remain ON PROPERTY instead of splitting them off to a public Dallas park (Fretz) as TBar does daily. Add the detailed background check for each employee and you get the right caliber professionals working with your family at Brookhaven vs. Joe Public eyeing your daughter at Fretz. Golf option is a bonus as well.

If your care about Tennis and not watching others, Brookhaven is the logical choice.


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