Shopping & Services

  • Best Light Source

    Current Energy

    It's time to lighten up. We mean environmentally, as in lightening your energy consumption. An easy place to start is by changing all the old light bulbs in your bat cave to the new long-lasting, Energy Star-certified, low-wattage variety. They have a bounty of bulbs at Current Energy, the Knox Street boutique for all things energy-wise. Besides lights, they also… More >>
  • Best Big Box Store

    Sam's Club - CLOSED

    Actually, we had hoped there would never be a "best big box" category. We had hoped these multi-acre stores one day would all disappear and yield their sprawling asphalt parking lots to clever, Frenchy little shops with leaded glass windows and geraniums on the sill. But then we found out you could buy stuff cheap in a big box. Très… More >>
  • Best Big Box Garden Center

    Home Depot

    The humongous garden centers are always tempting, especially for small bedding plants and other things you need bunches of. Those nice supermarket prices help a gardener stay on budget. The problem, of course, is that the big box stores don't hire many garden-savvy staffers and their greenery sometimes turns brown a bit too soon. The Home Depot on Skillman seems… More >>
  • Best Late-Night Gardening Fix

    Clean Air Gardening online

    Sure, you can spend all weekend prowling the local gardening stores, picking out the perfect annuals and organic herbs and filling up the back of your SUV with bags of mulch and fertilizer. But when Sunday night rolls around and all the stores have closed, how do you sate your gardening jones? Click on over to Clean Air Gardening online.… More >>
  • Best Hook-Ups

    TailWaters Fly Fishing

    Good fly fishing shops seem to have a hard time in Dallas. Could it have anything to do with a climate that's Trout Hell? Against the odds, TailWaters Fly Fishing has us hooked. This cool new store on the McKinney Avenue trolley line looks and feels like somebody plucked it out of Montana and dropped it here. A knowledgeable and… More >>
  • Best Western Store

    El Nuevo Estilo Western Hats

    This ain't no Western store for gringos, unless you're the sort who likes pink Mexican wedding shirts with scorpions stitched on the sleeves. Whatever your ethnicity or fashion bent, the folks at El Nuevo Estilo will welcome you like family. The store opened 16 years ago as a hat shop, and cowboy hats are still its specialty. Customers drive in… More >>
  • Best Ex-Pat Olive Oil Maker

    Tutta Toscana Olive Oil

    Betty and Cesare Nadalini raised a large family on Swiss Avenue for years. Then fate intervened and forced them to go live in a gorgeous villa in Tuscany. Boo-hoo, right? There they now produce a handmade "estate-bottled" extra virgin olive oil made only of olives from their own farm. You can read about it and order some at, or… More >>
  • Best Greek Chainsaw Service

    Casey's Lawn Equipment

    Remember Little Gus on Lower Greenville? Great little Greek café of yesteryear. Some of the same nice people who ran Gus' now are in the lawn and garden equipment business up by White Rock Lake just off Northwest Highway. Somehow there's something familiar about their set-up. Like the café, it's real modest on the outside with great service inside. You… More >>
  • Best Import Shop

    La Mariposa

    That drive down to Brownsville can be a real hassle, and they're shooting people in Nuevo Laredo a little too often to make shopping there worthwhile. Best to let La Mariposa handle the Mexican importing for you. No, they don't carry cheap prescription drugs, but they do have a lovely selection of Mexican folk art, jewelry, embroidered clothing and home… More >>
  • Best Asian Market

    Asia World Market

    Dried squid, roasted green peas, spicy eel...right in the middle of the mind-numbing conformity of a northern Dallas suburb stands this delightful ethnic market where most everything is unexpected and exotic. The store, the size of your average Tom Thumb, is divided into sections: Korean, Chinese, Japanese. There's a butcher shop stocked with chicken feet, gizzards and pork tongues; an… More >>
  • Best Poop & Worms

    Rabbit Hill Farm

    Among environment-conscious gardeners, "locally grown" is the hot trend. Buying local products supports nearby growers and manufacturers, boosts the local economy and, for the consumer, means fresher items that have spent less time in a truck and endured fewer preservative processes. For many backyard gardeners, locally grown means your very own veg patch outside the back door. Rabbit Hill Farm,… More >>
  • Best Oldies but Goodies

    Lula B's Antique Mall - CLOSED

    It's the store where Lucy Ricardo's furniture went for recycling. The 1950s and '60s couches, chairs and dinettes are just the beginning of the retro-coolness at this Lower Greenville shop. Lula B's also stocks antique and vintage dishes, knickknacks, toys, purses, paintings and costume jewelry. That big round blue velvet bed has David Lynch flair (with a dash of Hef).… More >>
  • Best Passport Office

    Dallas County District Clerk

    Dallas District Clerk Gary Fitzsimmons runs three passport offices, but we like the one downtown. If you have to run the gantlet of passport-getting, you get to see the rebuilt George L. Allen Courts Building, which is pretty nice for a gummint building. And this downtown office is staffed by senior employees who know what they're doing and are pleasant… More >>
  • Best Place to Make an Entrance

    Centennial Medical Center

    Giving birth is a bitch. Pain, screaming, pushing, crying—and that's just what the fathers go through. Try being a new mom getting that fat little human being out of you-know-where in something even close to a peaceful environment. It's surprising what a difference little things make in this high-stress situation. Centennial Medical Center goes the distance to turn the birthing… More >>
  • Best Webkinz Connection

    Froggie's 5 & 10

    Five or 10 times a day at Froggie's 5 & 10 on Knox, the phone rings and high tiny voices ask if the new Webkinz are in. If you're not a child or you don't know one, Webkinz are the stuffed toys that come with secret codes tying in to a Web site full of stuff to do with your… More >>
  • Best Photo Sensitivity

    Afterimage Gallery

    In its 36th year, Afterimage is one of the oldest art galleries anywhere devoted exclusively to photography. Yep, in our backyard. You can find prints of classic black-and-white pictures by Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ansel Adams and colorful surreal photographs by William Lesch. Jazz greats, documentary work, nudes, landscapes and aerial photographs that look like abstract paintings—the subject matter is endless… More >>
  • Best Appliance Repair Advice

    Adam the Answer Man

    Washer eating socks? Dryer spewing tepid air? Ice machine stop making cubes? If a home appliance—anything from a toaster to central air-conditioning units—goes kerflooey, the folks at Adam the Answer Man are ready to help. They'll walk you through diagnosing the problem so you don't waste money on the wrong part. They'll tell you what parts you'll need and usually… More >>
  • Best Thrift Emporium

    Garland Road Thrift

    Smelly, cavernous and always too hot or too cold, depending on what'll make you most uncomfortable for the season, Garland Road Thrift is everything a real thrift store ought to be: Kind of a dump and full of great finds. Garland Road Thrift is where tony Lakewood folk and fed-up packrat grandmas get rid of their excess goodies. The prices… More >>
  • Best Women's Casual Clothing Store

    Cotton Island

    What do you wear when the vibe is casual but you don't want to look like car-pool mom? When you want to have a kicky style but not seem like you're masquerading as a 15-year-old cheerleader? At Cotton Island on the southeast corner of Snider Plaza, you can find colorful 100 percent cotton tops and skirts that not only are… More >>
  • Best Vintage Clothing


    What really makes a good vintage clothing store is variety. Of price, style, era and finery. We want to peruse chiffon formals from the 1950s and rock tees from the 1970s. We want a lot to choose from but not so much that we can't push back the racks to see what's there. Pandemonium's retro fashionistas Leslie Daum and Debbie… More >>
  • Best Source for Pack Rats

    Dolly Python

    Hey, one man's trash is another's treasure and pleasure—or so we tell ourselves when that hoarding obsession kicks in at Dolly Python. Old toys such as 1950s Erector Sets in the original boxes or Lincoln Logs! Wooden Fisher-Price Little People! Retro tapestry and leather suitcases! Vintage shoes and old books! It's a perfect storm of nostalgia and avarice—or old crap,… More >>
  • Best Arms and Legs

    Hedgecock Prosthetics

    There are other prosthetics stores in Dallas, but none have been around as long as Hedgecock, and there's a reason for that. From its beginning in 1910, the locally owned company has made its focus patients, not profits. They know what it's like to have to shop for a new foot or leg or arm. Several members of the staff… More >>
  • Best Cup Holder

    Darla Fulp

    They don't make them like Darla Fulp anymore. She's old-school Neiman's, the kind of retail employee who would have made Stanley Marcus proud. At other stores, the help ignores you when you need another size and goes on break when you're stripped to the skin in that hot dressing room. Not Ms. Fulp, who will do whatever it takes to… More >>
  • Best Feelgood Footwear

    Whole Earth Provision Co.

    In our early 20s, we loved high heels. We found no pump too spiked and no toe too pointy. But those evenings of sore feet soon were followed by ouchy ankle pain and stiff knees, which made us question our dedication to torturous fashion. Time to make the comfy shoe chic again. At Whole Earth Provision, they stock dozens of… More >>
  • Best Shoe Salesman

    Duncan Cragg at Luke's Locker

    Only a real runner can help a runner find the right running shoe. Duncan Cragg, a Dallasite by way of South Africa, is not only a runner extraordinaire, he's an expert on kinesiology and stride and all of that high-tech study-of-movement blah-blah. He'll tell you which styles and brands of shoes you'd need depending on what distances and speeds you're… More >>
  • Best Place to Get Nailed

    Hollywood Nails & Spa

    Not every woman can afford a Marc Jacobs bag or red-soled Christian Louboutins. (Especially not women who write for the local alt-weekly. But we can dream, right?) What most of us can scrape together the cash for is a favorite spa service. For us, it's a pedicure. And we love the ones at Hollywood Nails & Spa. The actual pedicure… More >>
  • Best Shiny Objects

    Accents Fashion Accessories

    Dallas is a fine place to shop, but this city does an awful lot of importing chic looks from somewhere else. Like other stores, Accents Fashion Accessories in the West Village brings in a fair amount of imported baubles, but their in-house designers outshine them all. The store sparkles with color in the afternoons when the sun pours in, highlighting… More >>
  • Best Nuthouse

    Wild Birds Unlimited

    We're complete birding novices, but on a recent splurge we bought a couple of feeders, hoping to attract the little dinosaurs (read your science books, kids) to liven up the backyard. At Wild Birds Unlimited, they'll sell you bird-friendly feeders on poles that don't lean and hummingbird feeders that don't also summon every ant, bee and wasp in the county.… More >>
  • Best Gills

    Boutique Pet Shop and Aquarium - CLOSED

    Don't let its strip mall exterior fool you. For a small store, Boutique Pet Shop has a terrific selection of fish, including the common (tetras of several varieties) and the unusual (arowanas and bichirs). If you're simply looking to upgrade or downsize your fish collection, they always have a roomful of new and used tanks, even the large sizes that… More >>
  • Best Skin Art

    Elm Street Tattoo

    Over the years, Elm Street Tattoo has earned random bits of publicity—on TV, blogs and in rags like this one. But it's not that they needed any, really. Good word of mouth is the biggest prop anyone can give a tattoo shop, and they get plenty from thousands of blissfully inked customers. The shop is home to celebrated Big D… More >>
  • Best Critter Commissary

    Pet Supplies Plus

    Our cats have eating issues. Our dog is fat (hey, we're working on it). As multiple pet owners, we suffer from a freakishly keen sense of smell that calls for a particular brand of cat litter. At Pet Supplies Plus we walk in, load a cart with both types of special cat foods, diet dog food, our perfect litter, kitty… More >>
  • Best Animal House

    Toothacres Pet Care Center

    Dogs are like toddlers except when you go on vacation. It's not nice to leave the baby at the kennel, but if you know the right place, it's OK to leave the pooch there. And when you have multiple dogs with varying needs—a senior golden retriever that must pee every two hours, a spaniel that won't poop while on a… More >>
  • Best Saltwater Swap

    Dallas/Fort Worth Marine Aquarium Society

    Bubble, bubble, there's toil and trouble setting up a 200-gallon saltwater aquarium on your own. If you're determined to do it, pay a visit to the Buy and Sell forums on the Web site of the Dallas/Fort Worth Marine Aquarium Society. You'll meet fellow hobbyists who can outfit you with price-savvy used equipment and stock, from tank to Tonga branch… More >>
  • Best Personal Injury Attorney

    Joe Smith

    After a bad auto accident, the last thing anyone wants is to worry about the insurance hounds, the medical records and anything else but healing. That's where personal injury law guru Joe Smith comes in. The jovial family man has a naturally comforting nature that instantly eases in stressful times. And here's something that proves he's a trustworthy soul: He'll… More >>
  • Best Hand-to-Mouth

    Blake Williamson, DDS

    Bad experiences, whether painful or unfriendly, can prevent those in need of dental care from keeping up with regular check-ups. Avoidance doesn't do a thing for your choppers. We suffered dental phobias for far too long before finding Dr. Blake Williamson. His good nature, gentle approach, positive reinforcement toward our lax flossing practices and his super-friendly support staff provide us… More >>
  • Best Oral Surgeon

    Craig Williams, DDS, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

    Say you find a dentist that you really dig (see above). Then said dentist says, "I'm going to refer you to an oral surgeon to have that removed." Panic attack? Not if the surgeon is Dr. Craig Williams. The docile gent carries on a family practice that's been around since 1897...and that's not a misprint. This family believes in teeth.… More >>
  • Best Fetish Gear

    Leather Masters

    Cat o' Nine Tails wearing out? Leather Masters has a nice crop of whips, gags, sleep sacks, "puppy tails" and other paraphernalia geared to the bondage and S&M experience. Straps, strops, caps, pants, vests—if you want it in leather, chances are good they have it. This shop also offers get-togethers for like-minded kinksters. Community service, hey, you can't beat that.… More >>
  • Best Money Man

    James Lehman, CRPC

    Are you contributing what you should to your 401K? Are you a good candidate for investing in a mutual fund, or should you have a Roth IRA? What goals do you have in terms of retirement income? All of these questions can be mind-boggling. Hell, on what we make, they may not even make sense, but James Lehman can help… More >>
  • Best Hanky-Panky Purveyor

    Talulah Belle

    Moms need sexy lingerie too, and this Lakewood boutique is the place to find some. The artfully arranged array of underwear made by Hanky Panky is surrounded by picture frames, candles, jewelry and cute T-shirts bearing sayings such as "Motherhood's not for sissies." Even if you're not a mom, this is a cute shop for gifts for all of the… More >>
  • Best Style Steals


    One of Uptown's pitfalls is that it's easy to feel like a poorly dressed pauper amid the shiny happy people and high-priced merchandise. The great thing about Pitaya is that it looks just as nice as the surrounding stores but doesn't share their inflated prices. There are funky purses, necklaces and earrings and a decent selection of stylish basics that… More >>
  • Best Consignment Shop

    Reventé Upscale Resale

    Stores filled with faded jeans and worn T's are fine, but sometimes you need a quick stop-and-shop to score something you could actually wear to some snazzy function. Reventé is moderately sized and well-organized, which limits the swoon factor. And it's full of well-maintained clothes ranging from shirts and pants that fit into the business casual category to suits and… More >>
  • Best Crafty Escape

    Splendor in the Grass

    There's something so very therapeutic about stringing beads. And satisfying too. When you're done, you have new jewelry. At this nook in Lakewood, they teach beading and jewelry-making classes that'll make you feel like you've gone away to summer camp again. Make necklaces, bracelets or earrings using the glass, ceramic and gemstone beads they carry. Mix onyx with turquoise or… More >>
  • Best Sport Florist

    The Flower Pot

    One day there are live football players posing in the shop's windows. On another, Olympic gold-medal gymnast Carly Patterson practically flies through the doors. We know, combining games and gladiolas is about as transcendent as Slice evolving into Sierra Mist. But it sure beats buying roses by the bushel at Sam's. This florist boasts unique arrangements, custom silk designs, wide… More >>
  • Best Place to Bring the Outdoors In

    Napa Home

    The first things you see when you walk in Napa Home are Napoleon and Little Bean, two white French bulldogs whose sweet faces and ovoid bodies at complete and utter rest fit with the "simple pleasures for the home and palate" theme of the shop. Napa Home specializes in home accents of natural objects like seashells, fossils, strange pods, odd… More >>
  • Best Unfancy Grocery Store


    A grocery store can be as much a status symbol as designer shoes. Manolo fans clip-clop to Central Market. Birkenstocks hike to Whole Foods. Sensible Nike wearers sprint to Tom Thumb with loyalty card in hand. But what about workboot people and flip-flop people and generic sneaker people? They shop Fiesta, where you'll find only a few Lean Cuisines but… More >>
  • Best Mid-Century Comeback

    Pop Logic

    About two years ago, those of us who dug the mid-century décor of Eames, Stow Davis, Miller and Dunbar had a place to go for a much-needed chair, side table or console record player. The place was Metro Retro in Lakewood, with Andrea Jennings on hand and on the lookout for anything Eisenhower-era. Then she closed up shop, and we… More >>
  • Best Juiceteria

    Fruteria Cano

    Visit this fruteria for a taste of one of the best parts of Mexico. Down there colorful fruit stands dot every busy corner selling fresh-squeezed juice and smoothies. This little store in Oak Cliff is packed with boxes overflowing with fruit from Mexico, and depending on the season, from all over Latin America too. There's papaya, coconut and pineapple, mangos… More >>
  • Best Computer Store

    Apple Store

    There are plenty of computer stores in town. Say you're an I.T. geek and you like to build your computers from scratch. Then Fry's is the place for you. But if you're like the rest of us, you want your computers simple, like plug it in and hit the button simple. And, if possible, you want your computers cool. Unless… More >>
  • Best Way to Furnish a First House


    IKEA just can't be beaten in this category because of the sheer breadth and wow factor of its (cheap) inventory. Start with (cheap) kitchen cabinets and appliances. Add the (cheap) bathroom sink, cabinets and towels. Move on to the bedroom for everything from mattresses to wardrobes, comforters to chests of drawers. Did we mention they're cheap? Outfit the media room,… More >>
  • Best CD Store

    Good Records

    We're almost embarrassed to call it a CD store. That's because Good Records harks back to the days of yore for which every hipster yearns (even if said hipster was born five years after those days were over): the halcyon days when independently owned record shops served as gathering spots for geeks, freaks, cool people, old hippies and all those… More >>
  • Best Used Junque

    The Whimsey Shoppe

    Face it: Antique stores are just resale shops, offering stuff that has managed to outlive the abuse dished out by a series of households where real people ate, slept and kept up with the Joneses. In most antique stores or malls, merchandise is wide but not deep—in other words, a little bit from various eras, countries and styles. Specializing in… More >>
  • Best Breast Lift

    Everything But Water

    Yes, we know. Buying a swimsuit is akin to torture for all but women born to be Victoria's Secret models. But Everything But Water, which recently acquired the Just Add Water stores, makes it less painful and even kind of fun. Because they have so many different kinds of suits, you can hold out hope of finding one that makes… More >>
  • Best Place to Cover Your Butt

    The Market at LFT - CLOSED

    Buying Levi's is a no-brainer. But if you want hip denim hugging your hips—the kind you could wear to the Ghostbar atop the nearby W Hotel—the place to go is LFT (Lifestyle Fashion Terminal), a "concept" shop at Victory Park: 30,000 cavernous square feet with areas dedicated to edgy fashion lines by various designers and a "jeans carousel" similar to… More >>
  • Best New Furniture Store

    West Elm

    If chintz makes you cringe and fringe makes you break out in a sweat, the clean lines of affordable furniture at West Elm will make you jump with joy. The first West Elm in the Dallas area—and only the second in Texas—the airy Mockingbird Station store makes furniture shops offering the overstuffed and multipillowed sofas that are so popular in… More >>
  • Best Ballin' Gear

    Steve & Barry's - CLOSED

    Sure, this chain store's in a mall located way up on LBJ, which means we have to pack a lunch and hire a sherpa for the long journey to sample its wares. But Steve & Barry's has Starburys, dawg (they are, in fact, the exclusive seller of the Starbury brand). If you don't know what that means, hip yourself to… More >>
  • Best Hotel

    The W Dallas

    We are including this for one very good reason: You're more or less paying for this anyway, what with the tax breaks and publicly subsidized dough Dallas poured into Ross Perot's piece of property years ago, so ya might as well give yourselves a pat on the big ol' back. For whatever reason—film fests, traveling friends, spa trips, dinner plans—we've… More >>
  • Best Place to Go Before You See Iron Man Next Year

    Titan Comics

    Not so long ago we were talking to an out-of-town friend who's way into comics, by which we mean he writes and draws a pretty well-known title, so he's actually in comics. We got to talking about comic shops when we mentioned to our friend, "Actually, we're going to Titan today to pick it up." Wait, said our friend. "That's… More >>
  • Best Florist

    Cebolla Fine Flowers

    The husband-and-wife team of Luit and Jamie Huizenga specialize in European-style floral arrangements, meaning lush, colorful and presented in unique vases, luminaries and handmade pottery containers that go far beyond the containers offered by most florists. Jamie met Luit, a native of Holland, while both were budding floral designers and have been on the Dallas floral scene for several decades.… More >>
  • Best Men's Clothing Store


    Suits? What do we know about suits? A week's worth of work clothes around this joint consists of two pairs of jeans, five T-shirts and a pair of flip-flops. Sometimes, though, the missus insists we look less like the reprobate we are. For funereal and wedding gear (same diff), you got your mall. For casual (read: everything else), we shop… More >>
  • Best Dressy Men's Clothing Store We Can Afford

    Billy Reid

    A month later, we're still trying to recover from the tragic fact our feet are too wide for the handmade lace-up cap-toe cordovan boots at Billy Reid's. Apparently, he thinks his male customers have feet the size of an 8-year-old ballerina's. But the fact we so hate that we can't fit into the shoes we love, love, love and are… More >>
  • Best Toy Store, Says Our 4-Year-Old

    Puzzle Zoo

    Throughout this Best of Dallas issue you'll no doubt find a dozen or so entries for NorthPark Center retailers, and why not, as the recent addition has turned the swell into the swellegant. But our kiddo has but two great loves in the new wing: Teavana, because he inexplicably loves him a hot MattéVana, and Puzzle Zoo, the California-based toy… More >>
  • Best Video Store (Especially If You Want to Meet Jim Schutze)

    Premiere Video

    That last part there's not really a tease: Mr. Dallas Observer is a regular customer, always in line with a copy of Chinatown, Deadline U.S.A. or All the President's Men—or A River Runs Through It, hawhawhaw. Because, see, Premiere has all those movies—and pretty much everything else ever released on home video, in this country or any other. They also… More >>
  • Best Bookstore

    Borders in West Village

    So, are you a grazer or a hunter? Would you rather meet a best-selling author or save some money? Too tired at night to read for pleasure and want books on tape? These are the questions that make the pick for Best Bookstore a crapshoot. If you're the kind who likes to browse blindly and hope to stumble across an… More >>
  • Best Cool Guys

    Total Air & Heat Co.

    We are not wealthy people. We do not wear silk suits or tip barkeeps $100 bills. Neither are we drug addicts. We don't feel the compulsion that rules them. Unless, that is, the air conditioning goes out at home on a Sunday night in August, then by God, we whip out the wallet and call for service RIGHT NOW, because… More >>
  • Best Prezzies

    House Of Dang - CLOSED

    A place as esoteric and edgy as the House of Dang really shouldn't be quite so reliable, but there's just no denying it. Whether it's Mom's birthday, your nephew's bar mitzvah or a just-for-the-hell-of-it present for a down-in-the-dumps friend, dang, this house has the perfect thing. For Mom, how about a one-of-a-kind coin purse made from vintage fabric? And that… More >>
  • Best Place for Tricks and Treats

    Queen of Hearts Costume and Magic Shop - CLOSED

    Don't be that guy at Halloween parties who staples condoms to his T-shirt and calls himself a condom tree. Get a real costume this year, and there's no better place to buy or rent your getup than Queen of Hearts in downtown Plano. The shop's been around since 1982, and it's still the best spot in town to find unique,… More >>
  • Best Store in the West Village


    If you're looking for a gift for your girlfriend and have no idea what she wants—or for that matter, what any woman wants—Accents is your store. Located in the West Village, the surprisingly affordable boutique sells an array of stylish jewelry that looks artsy but not too artsy, kind of like Scarlett Johansson. The necklaces, which start as low as… More >>
  • Best Tee Time


    We've been fans of the funky chic duds in Armhole for a long while. When they moved from Lakewood to Uptown we worried, "Oh, no! No more neighborhood friendly!" But we were mistaken. Since the shift in May 2006, the shop has developed an even better, laid-back, customer-friendly vibe. The boutique's casual seduction of our paycheck is sweetened by siblings… More >>
  • Best Kids' Clothing

    Old Navy

    We counted 'em—11 different styles of boys' blue jeans, plus numerous khakis, cargo pants and camouflage jeans. Faded, un-faded; dark blue, light blue or charcoal; with or without reinforced knee patches—they come in all kinds, and the best thing is sizes. Unlike a lot of discount purveyors, Old Navy always has the slim and husky sizes you need in stock.… More >>
  • Best Health Food Store

    Sprouts Farmers Market

    Sprouts may not be as flashy as Central Market or as hippie-dippy as Whole Foods, but what they lack in pizzazz they more than make up for in price and convenience. Have you ever actually tried to shop at Whole Foods or Central Market at 7 p.m. on a weeknight? You'd be lucky to get out of there alive without… More >>
  • Best Vet for Overprotective Pet Parents

    East Lake Veterinary Hospital

    If you refer to your pets as your "babies" and always make sure they get their dinner before scrounging up something for yourself, then chances are you know how hard it is to find a good veterinarian. We've seen them all: the unprepared recent graduate who keeps leaving the room to flip through medical journals; the good ol' country boy… More >>
  • Best Hair Salon

    Richard Hayler Colour Salon

    Ignore the fancy spelling of "colour"—it's a British thing—and don't let the hoity-toity address scare you. What we like best about Richard Hayler is its perfect blend of poshness and professionalism minus the snootiness. This woman we know—definitely not our spouse, no way—swears that their prices match or beat other high-end salons, and their colorists expertly mix up just the… More >>
  • Best Barber

    Mustang Barber Shop

    Back when we had more hair, going into a unisex salon wasn't that big of a deal. If we were lucky, a hot woman would wash our hair—so nice—and if we were super-duper lucky she'd throw in a temple massage. Ah, but that was then and this is now. To be honest, these days adding water to what remains of… More >>
  • Best Hardware Store

    Elliot's Hardware

    We made the mistake once of giving this one to Home Depot, and man did we hear about that. You think Elliot's is just a hardware store? Listen, the fans of Widespread Panic (another group we've pissed off royally) aren't as noisy as Elliot's devoted shoppers, and we'll admit: They're right. If you want slightly cheaper hardware, sure, the big-box… More >>
  • Best Shoe Store


    Almost everybody has feet—and if you don't we're sad for you—but there's only one place to go to dress them up for both men and women, and that's Nordstrom. More than $500 to spend on footwear? Come on over and sit next to us, Richie Rich, and we'll tell you all about the Santoni and Ferragamo men's loafers that would… More >>
  • Best Liquor Store

    Sigel's Fine Wines and Great Spirits

    Quick quiz: Would you rather have to choose a good, reasonably priced bottle of wine, or overhaul the engine in your car? Yeah, we'd go with the engine overhaul too, and we know precisely dick about motors. Why, oh why, does buying a bottle of fermented grape juice have to be such a royal pain? We just want to bring… More >>
  • Best Place to Wig Out

    Wig Paradise

    Nestled in a narrow nook at Wynnewood Village Shopping Center is one of the hottest hairgoods happenings in the wild and woolly wig scene of Dallas. Didn't think there was a wig scene? Dallas is home to more than 30 specialized wig stores. Add beauty supply businesses that sell wigs and the number rises into the hundreds. What sets Wig… More >>
  • Best Escape From Lower Greenville

    Winedale Tavern - CLOSED

    Parked in the middle of the loudest, smelliest stretch of Lower Greenville, where overcrowded bar-slash-STD-troughs dominate the landscape, the Winedale Tavern is a sliver of a place with a long, long bar that's conducive to just one activity: drinking. No cozy booths inviting yuppie groups to get all Friends in the corner. No flashy neon lights draw crazed groups of… More >>
  • MARKET: Not-So-Mad Hatters

    Neither Stefani McMurrey Watters nor Nicole LeBlanc are, as far as we know, mad. Milliners long ago gave up the nerve-damaging mercury compounds they used at the beginning of the Industrial Age to stiffen felt hats, so unlike Lewis Carroll's Mad Hatter, Watters and LeBlanc don't appear to be crazy—except that they make hats. In 2007. But that's not necessarily madness.… More >>

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