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  • Best FC Dallas Player

    Dominic Oduro

    Hailing from Ghana via Virginia, Dominic Oduro debuted with FC Dallas in 2006. Now, we could give you stats and play background and all that stuff, but the most important thing about this fine forward is that he has a helluva lot of heart. He trains long and hard, lives in team housing, eats at the field and has been… More >>
  • Best Sports Moment

    Cowboys Beat Future Super Bowl Champ Colts

    In a year that saw the Stars, Mavs, Cowboys and even the damn Desperados eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, this is like having to choose which sister to kiss. Sisters named Phyllis Diller, Rosie O'Donnell and Tammy Faye Bakker. But on the afternoon of November 19, 2006, all was right. Making his first home start, Tony Romo… More >>
  • Best Maverick

    Dirk Nowitzki

    It's almost impossible to remember what the NBA's MVP did right for six months because of all he did wrong for six games. Sorta like Zac Crain and Kinky Friedman had some good ideas for a while, right? In the humiliating playoff loss to the Golden State Warriors, Dirk was soft, passive and even had his attitude questioned by coach… More >>
  • Best Olympic Training Center

    White Rock Lake Park

    For those of you who only visit White Rock Lake on a lazy Sunday afternoon, this may come as a bit of a surprise, but the most crowded the park ever gets is at six in the morning every day, except during our four-week winter. That's when the Dallas' marathon training groups flock to the park to beat the summer… More >>
  • Best Running Couple

    Andrew and Melissa Cook

    It's probably not a coincidence that the best male and female runners in Dallas happen to share the same bed. Both Andrew and Melissa Cook are not only just the fastest runners in town over just about any distances, they have each qualified for the Olympic Trials. Melissa hit the standard in the 10K by running a blistering 32:31.85 on… More >>
  • Best Ranger

    Michael Young

    Yes, by default. Kinda the same way he made this year's American League All-Star team—because the rules mandate at least one representative from each team. Even the really crappy ones kept afloat by Kameron Loe and Marlon Byrd and, at 23-42, written off along with our taxes in April. Who are we to break from baseball tradition? No one, that's… More >>
  • Best Sports Venue

    Dr Pepper Ballpark

    Other than naked on a waterbed with Denise Richards, the best place to watch a baseball game has to be Frisco. For a whopping $9. In the swimming pool. If you're tired of IKEA, Highway 121's traffic or the world's largest coagulation of MILFs and SUVs, slip into your Speedo, munch on a hot dog and take in some Double-A… More >>
  • Best Local TV Sports Anchor

    Dale Hansen

    Only one guy is good enough, cool enough, smug enough and—did we say good enough?—to interrupt his own nightly radio show with his own nightly TV show. He doesn't have Mike Doocy's hair or Newy Scruggs' hipness or Babe Laufenberg's history, but Hansen still has the metroplex mesmerized by being both plugged in and unplugged. On KESN-103.3 FM ESPN, Hansen… More >>
  • Best Local Sports Radio Show

    Norm Hitzges

    On a station that delivers as much shtick as sports, Norm sticks out like Renoir amongst the kids coloring outside the lines on their Chuck E. Cheese menus. He's overdramatic, underappreciated and, ultimately, as endearing as enduring. When he's not busy being Gordon Keith's punching bag, the 60-something without an iPhone, MySpace page or a care in the world about… More >>
  • Best Local Daily Sports Columnist

    Randy Galloway

    Accepting the award on behalf of Mr. Galloway is his long-time co-author, Jose Cuervo. For years Galloway has cultivated a loyal following of Fort Worth Star-Telegram readers by being at once caustic, folksy, ballsy and good ol' boys-y. Best thing about Randy is his love for horses and lack of sacred cows. Ditto this year, when he intermittently ripped Cowboys… More >>
  • Best Owner

    Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys

    How the hell can a guy who fired Tom Landry and signed Terrell Owens ever make it up to Cowboys fans? Simple. Super Bowl XLV. While Mark Cuban was lobbing lawsuits with Don Nelson, and Tom Hicks was spending more of his money on English soccer and less on his local losers, Jones dug $350 million out of his own… More >>
  • Best Tennis Facility

    T Bar M Racquet Club

    With eight clay courts, 14 hard courts and eight indoor courts sprawled across its 13 acres just south of LBJ on Preston Road, T Bar M is the Ghostbar of the Dallas tennis scene. There isn't a better spot in town to play. Or to watch. Or, let's be honest, to gawk at really hot tennis players. If T Bar… More >>
  • Best Skate Park

    The Edge

    Try as it might, corporate America hasn't yet succeeded in sanitizing the joy out of skateboarding. Eisenberg's in Plano has installed air conditioning, Cyclone in McKinney is being converted into a church and long ago ESPN2 strangled us with the X Games. But at the $6 million, 38,000-square-foot complex in Allen, you can still indulge in skateboarding without a hint… More >>
  • Best Gym

    Lifetime Fitness

    Having nurtured All-Around World Gymnastics Champs Carly Patterson and Nastia Liukin, Plano's World Olympic Gymnastics Academy is probably, technically, a more productive gym. But, dude, Lifetime Fitness at Legacy and Preston has palm trees! And a giant outdoor swimming pool, complete with slides and fountains and a poolside café with waitress service. Seriously, this place is more five-star resort than… More >>
  • Best Sporting Goods Joint

    PGA Superstore

    Screw foreplay, this place is downright orgasmic—if, that is, you get aroused milling around a former old Plano Home Depot warehouse filled with sports memorabilia, a gazillion Izods, two bajillion clubs, a tennis court, a putting green, a chipping area complete with sand trap and countless driving range stalls equipped with computer analysis, simulated courses and a daily $50 closest-to-the-pin… More >>
  • Best Bowling Alley

    Jupiter Lanes - CLOSED

    Granted, Jupiter Lanes could automatically win this category for not being located in Lewisville, Allen, Hurst, Euless, Richardson, Garland, Mesquite or Addison. We are urban bowlers, after all, and we like to roll on urban lanes amongst our urban brethren. Luckily for us, the 20 lanes at Jupiter just got a million-dollar facelift, so we can watch Frankie Goes to… More >>
  • Best Place to Watch Sports With a Famous Athlete

    Ten Sports Grill - CLOSED

    The night before they whipped the Mavs in Game 1 on their way to an epic series upset, the Golden State Warriors chilled here. The night after he finished a season in which he averaged more assists than everybody not named Steve Nash, Utah Jazz star Deron Williams celebrated here. This season SMU basketball coach Matt Doherty and Cowboys top… More >>
  • Best Cowboy

    Mat McBriar

    While hands—recall all those Terrell Owens drops and Tony Romo's bobbled snap—eventually killed the Cowboys, it was a foot that kept them alive all season. Punters don't get shit. No groupies. No max contracts. No endorsements. Unless, that is, they have a season like McBriar. An Aussie by way of Hawaii, he became the first Cowboys punter to earn a… More >>
  • Best Pool Hall

    Hawley's Billiards

    Here's the only bad thing about Hawley's: It's a neighborhood bar as much as it is a pool hall, and everybody who plays there pretty much knows each other. In fact, the manager estimates that night in and night out, he knows 90 percent of the clientele. But even if you are a stranger, they'll welcome you with open arms,… More >>
  • Best Star

    Marty Turco

    He didn't win a playoff series for his team. But for a change, he didn't lose one by himself. Pushed by newbie Mike Smith, Turco put together another stellar NHL regular season. In the playoffs—where he'd fallen on his face the last two springs—the goalie, criticized more than the Trinity River project, finally stood on his head. At least that's… More >>
  • Best Player You Wouldn't Recognize on the Street

    Clint Dolezel

    Not that many 6-foot-5, 205-pound guys with short hair, graying temples and matching goatees roaming our streets. Even fewer with 800 career touchdown passes. And even fewer, for what it's worth, walking around with Everson Walls' kidney. Point is, Dolezel, 37, is perhaps the greatest quarterback in the history of indoor football, but you wouldn't recognize him from Ron Springs,… More >>
  • Best Sports Hero We Hated to See Leave

    Byron Nelson

    Sadly, this was a helluva race. And, no, smart-ass, Bill Parcells and Buck Showalter didn't even make the ballot. Wilford "Crazy Ray" Jones and his trademark whistling left us in March after 43 years entertaining at Cowboys games. Lamar Hunt died in December, capping a remarkable career in which, among countless other highlights, he birthed soccer in Dallas and coined… More >>
  • Best Place to Jog

    Trinity Trails in Fort Worth

    "Are they actually doing anything yet with the Trinity River project?" So asks my husband, who continually drives over Dallas' giant open sewer and reports no visible progress. He does spend a lot of time in Fort Worth, however, and has walked many miles along the Trinity Trails. These 30 miles of paved, landscaped trails can be accessed at numerous… More >>
  • Best Sports Writer on the Web

    Matt Mosley

    We can think of no greater evidence of the stifling nature of daily journalism than the evolution of Matt Mosley. At The Dallas Morning News, Mosley was an irritating Bill Simmons wannabe whose on-the-scene Cowboys game-day reports, replete with pop culture musings and first-person anecdotes, were not one-tenth as funny as he thought they were. Left with little space and… More >>
  • Best Coach

    Todd Dodge

    He's not only the best coach in our area, he's the best in the state. At any level. In any sport. Why else would Dodge be handed the keys to Denton? Already a suburban legend, he's a no-nonsense coach who's perfected a silly offense. At Southlake Carroll High School, Dodge's spread system scored 40 points a game, went 79-1 (the… More >>
  • Best Sports Blog

    Girls Gone Sports

    Once upon a time, the sports gods smiled upon the sports fans of North Texas, which was a nice thing to do considering they'd been acting like jerks lately, what with none of the area teams surviving playoffs. In compensation, the game-friendly gods gave us "Mandy" and "Lauren," two Tarrant County-born, sports-obsessed 20-somethings with access to Blogger, digital cameras and… More >>
  • SPORTS: Rulers of the Board

    Wait a minute, you say. Lewis Carroll may have had chess on his mind when he wrote Through the Looking Glass, but the game isn't a sport, so why does a chess team rank a story in a Best of Dallas sports section? You're right. Chess technically isn't a sport. But bass fishing is. And golf. And televised poker. Listen, if… More >>

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