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Best Bird's-Eye View Dallas 2008 - Yumi To Go - CLOSED

Yumi To Go

Yumi To Go

5200 Lemmon Ave.

Dallas, TX 75209


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It's kinda Big Brother, but it's really cool too. Ever want to see exactly how your food is made? Lemmon Avenue's Yumi To Go satisfies not only a yen for tasty Asian cuisine, but your inner voyeur as well. Place an order for R and G beef or sweet-and-sour pork and, OK, maybe some ahi tuna spring rolls. Then cruise (figuratively speaking—no gas necessary) on over to Click on the Yumi Cam button and watch a swift, clean and efficient kitchen get to wokin'. It's a little like watching your own personal chef...except completely affordable and you never have to get that fry smell out of your curtains.

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