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Best Cheap Divorce Dallas 2008 - Donna J. Harris, mediator

Donna J. Harris, mediator

1301 Northwest Highway

Garland, TX 75041-5894


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Divorce generally brings out the worst in people. So it takes a steady, confident hand to steer the parting parties through what might be the treacherous waters of divorce. As a mediator, Donna Harris has one job: To work the parties and their lawyers toward an out-of-court settlement. Harris is a funny, self-deprecating, larger-than-life Texas gal-friend who serves doughnut holes to jittery clients, makes balloon animals for the kids and knows how to gently nudge divorcing couples toward an agreement that in the long run will save them money. In one day she can settle a case that could go on for months in trial. Her tireless energy is a big piece of her success. She won't quit and won't let the couple quit until they can go no more.

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Aria Sullivan
Aria Sullivan

Thank you so much for this profile. A divorce mediator with a sense of humor is something you don't find everyday. And making balloon animals for kids seems like a great way to relieve the tension.

Roy Slater
Roy Slater

My sister used a divorce mediator instead of hiring a lawyer and she ended up getting a pretty fair deal. It's good to hear that there are mediators that are willing to do all of the work and give everyone a fair shake.

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson

I filed for a divorce in dallas in 2005. At the time I was a over the road truck driver and For some odd reason I was never given a court date or information as to when the divorce would be validated. I waisted alot of money and received no divorce. This is my situation I married a minister in 2002 in Kaufman TX. Within a week he was placed in jail. We basically never had a marriage. He is in prison. We have no property or children or any belongings together. Can I have it annulled? What is the cheapest way to get out of this crazy situation? Can the papers that were filed in 2005 be refiled due to there not contacting me? Please advise.


I wish you could help my wife an me. But I think prayer is the only thing that can help us now.


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