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Best Dog Park Dallas 2008 - White Rock Dog Park

White Rock Dog Park

White Rock Dog Park

8000 Mockingbird Lane

Dallas, TX 75231


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Yes, it got flooded for quite some time this spring. Yes, it was muddy. But let's face it: You know it's the best dog park when people ignore the "closed" sign and hop fences in defiance of rain and muck to bond with their pups, mutts and AKC breeds. The small and large yards of the White Rock Dog Park are large enough to accommodate a healthy population of both under 30-pound and over 30-pound four-leggers, plus the swim section provides a different sort of canine fun (a ramped entrance helps fetchers return their sticks, balls and toys to dry land). Maintained by public donations and volunteer efforts, the WRDP is open daily from 5 a.m. to midnight (second and fourth Mondays are closed for maintenance) so even parents with bizarre schedules can snag some off-leash time for their fur-babies at the park.

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Your kidding right? This dog park is always congested with tons of people and dogs. Everyone I've spoken to who have taken their dogs here have had to take them to the vet because they got sick from all the fleas and germs. Most of the dogs that frequent here haven't properly been vaccinated. The dog park off Swiss Avenue in East Dallas is better. Its in a nice neighborhood and less crowded, even on the weekends.


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