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Best Futbol Player Dallas 2008 - Kenny Cooper, FC Dallas

Kenny Cooper just may save American soccer or at least take it to the next level. At just 23, Cooper has all the skills to develop into a premier-level striker, the one thing the U.S. National Team has always lacked to go from middling to elite status. Unlike Landon Donovan, the current poster boy for American soccer, Cooper has not just speed, but also brawn, making his game a good fit for the bruising international stage. This year Cooper is an MLS All-Star and one of the league's leading scorers.

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While I am a big fan of Kenny Cooper, I have to say that he probably does not possess the skill set required to be successful on the international stage. Cooper excels in the fast, brutal environment of the MLS, thanks in no small part to his massive frame, but he lacks the dexterity and cleverness on the ball that is necessary for him to be a successful international striker.


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