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Best Indian Dallas 2008 - Bengal Coast - CLOSED

Bengal Coast

Bengal Coast

3102 Oak Lawn Ave.

Dallas, TX 75219


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Readers' Choice: Clay Pit Grill and Curry House, 4460 Belt Line Road, 972-233-0111

In the strictest traditional sense, Bengal Coast is not an Indian restaurant at all. But it is Indian-inspired, and that's close enough when the food's this good. Bengal Coast roasts its own spices and simmers more than 27 distinct sauces and marinades. The startlingly fresh dishes blend Indonesian, Malaysian and Thai influences with an Indian center. The result is not your typical Dallas Indian cuisine—that is, it's not dry and indistinct. Our faves include the Thai lobster samosas, satay-like sticks and kebabs, curries and naan wraps. Or try the fish and chips Masala, fish coated in chickpea-Kingfisher beer batter.

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Come on, guys. As you even said yourself, Bengal Coast isn't Indian food. If one must classify it, I think it would be best described as South Asian fusion. Awarding "Best Indian Food" to a place that's not an Indian restaurant is somewhat a disservice to you and your readers.

What's next? You going declare Cuba Libre as Best Cuban Food (that place is as Cuban as Mia's is Chinese)?

Give me a buzz when you start compiling 2010... I'll tell you what the Best Of in Dallas truly is.


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