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Best Intimidating Answer to a Legitimate Question Dallas 2008 - Marion Barber

The highest-paid running back in Dallas Cowboys' franchise history received a seven-year, $45 million contract in the spring despite starting just one game and never producing a 1,000-yard season. How's that, you ask? Because Marion Barber is a badass, forged out of muscle, menace and downright mean. He's the NFL's toughest, scariest runner, fueled by the disposition of a traveler about to check six pieces of luggage on an American Airlines flight. Proof? Barber made a habit last year of violently stiff-arming potential tacklers in the kisser. So effective, and so unfair, was the move that the NFL Competition Committee deemed it illegal for the upcoming season. Told of the league's new "Barber Rule," prohibiting him from going for opponents' facemasks, the Barbarian never looked up and immediately growled "What about the throat?" Shiver.

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David Mata
David Mata

I think the Dallas media should improve their commitment to the Dallas Cowboys. I mean after all, do we get down hard on our kids to make them do better? No, we look at the good points, look at the challenges and use encouragement to allow them to see how they can do better. Why does the media not practice this? Is this the answer. Let the fans create our own blogs.


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