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Best Kids' Party Dallas 2008 - Kreative Kidz Partyz

Kreative Kidz Partyz

6529 W. Plano Parkway, Ste. E.

Plano, TX 75093


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Readers' Choice: Readers' pick: Pump It Up, 9201 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75243, 972-792-9663,

If spelling is an issue for your kid in school, you might want to plan his or her party with someone other than Kreative Kidz Partyz. But if you are looking for a place that puts the K in creative and takes the stress out of your party planning, then parents, look no further. This Plano party spot packages themes for birthdays at reasonable prices. By themes, we mean the current pop fixation of your 5-year-old: Disney princesses, Dora the Explorer, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Pop Star Karaoke. Kreative Kidz Partyz does everything, from themed invitations to themed birthday cakes to themed costumes for the partygoers to themed party helpers. For 90 minutes of birthday party-crazy, you let the professionals take care of all the details. Plus there is no nagging cleanup afterward. There's even a thank-you note attached to the themed party favor. Thank you!

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An awesome kids party place, no doubt. What about the “customer service” when trying to schedule? I emailed on 5/1 to confirm availability of a date/time, but got no reply. So I called and spoke to the manager the morning of 5/02, and was informed the date/time I wanted was available. I told her I will pay the deposit when I come in that afternoon to tour the facility. I get there after a 1.5 hr drive in traffic to be told “sorry that time slot is now gone” with a huge smile on her face… And her only response to me was “Oh and we did reply to your email”. So, obviously she was upset over me claiming I didn’t get a response to my email request. Who does that???? I think she lied about the time slot being taken, and was over all a very nasty person!! Very very bad way to do business. She didn’t even make an attempt to apologize. All it takes is one terrible employee to make a business look bad! Too bad they do not screen employees better!


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