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Best Lawyer to Hire to Sue Your Lawyer Dallas 2008 - Randy Johnston

Randy Johnston

3308 Oak Grove Ave.

Dallas, TX 75204-2370


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There comes a time when your lawyer, to whom you have paid a hefty retainer, stops returning your calls. Or forgets to file your lawsuit before the statute of limitations has run out. Or seems to be spending an inordinate amount of time on that "big, big case" in Las Vegas. You may need to seek representation against your legal representative. Consult with Randy Johnston of Johnston Tobey, fearless when it comes to suing unethical members of his own profession. If Johnston passes on taking your case, you can bet it's not worth filing. This guitar-strumming, motorcycling litigator, whose straight hair was once so long he agreed to cut it off to raise money for legal services to the poor, is smart, hard-working and known to tilt at legal windmills. He also sues accountants, stockbrokers and others who run afoul of their ethics. He also quotes Woody Guthrie on his Web site: "As through this world I ramble, I see lots of funny men. Some will rob you with a six-gun. And some with a fountain pen."

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