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Best Local News Anchor Dallas 2008 - John McCaa

Readers' Choice: Readers' pick: Gloria Campos, WFAA-Channel 8

Choosing the best TV anchor is tough, because even people in the TV business can't really tell you what makes a great anchor. They'll usually say ratings. But why is one anchor trusted and another not? It's called gravitas, and John McCaa has it. He communicates straight-on with authority that isn't stuffy or arrogant. We hear McCaa writes his own copy, but even when he has to wing it on breaking news, he's smooth. He's a master of the moment. That comes from years of experience, nerves of steel and solid news judgment. Once again, McCaa's the best anchor on our airwaves.

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bennett jeffy report
bennett jeffy report

Dear Mr.Mccaa

I fowarded several writings inwhich I titled "The Bennett Jeffy Reports", so far Mr.Mccaa I haven't recieved a response. The reports are only public-awarness thru my complex-thinking disorder? Mr.Mccaa I,ve written to Opra,Charles Gibson, Katie Couric,and the Gates-family all by certified-mail. Mr.Mccaa, my focus is to bring exposure to my "Discovery to a common-link to certain smoke related Cancers"..please help.


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