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Best Movie Theater Dallas 2008 - Inwood Theater

Readers' Choice: readers' Pick: Angelika Film Center, 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane, 214-826-3300

The renovations have done the old girl so proud, we just have to toss another Best of Dallas to the Inwood, where they recently replaced the standard movie theater seats with cushy sofas, loveseats, ottomans, throw pillows and blankies. Can't afford a 60-inch plasma for your den? Ten bucks gets you the comfort of home and a really wide screen. Truth be told, your standard stadium-style movie seats actually match the Inwood's new furniture for function, if you're there to watch the movie rather than snuggle. Still, we were able to settle in so well during a recent showing of Pineapple Express that we nodded out. Wait...did we just say "out"? We meant "off." Nodded off.

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I live Arlington, so it's a bit of a hike to go to the Landmark Inwood theatre...and until they added those LoveSacs, other than the alcohol, there was no advantage to going out there...but since they added the awesome Sactionals, and the uber comfortable SuperSacs and MovieSacs, my date nights are never the same!


I use to go to the Landmark Inwood theatre all the time, and it was pretty cool that it had a bar, because after all my husband and I never turn down wine...but for the most part it was just an ordinary theatre that served alcohol. As soon as they added the LoveSac's the the theatre we decided to never go anywhere else, and now we make a Monday date night since there's a different movie in there every week. We even went to LoveSac and bought some super comfortable sactionals of our own. The Landmark Inwood theatre turned our Monday nights from ordinary to extraordinary!


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