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Best Owner Dallas 2008 - Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys

We suppose you instead wanted Tom Hicks? Didn't think so. Sure, the Cowboys' owner is asking for your family's DNA in return for a seat at his new Jonestown coliseum in Arlington, but you can't deny the guy's unyielding desire to win. This offseason alone, he paid about $70 million in guaranteed salaries to retain players such as Flozell Adams, Marion Barber, Terrell Owens, Terence Newman and Ken Hamlin. The Cowboys are profitable. The new stadium will no doubt be a financial windfall. But unlike Hicks, Jones reinvests his money in the team in an attempt to improve the product. And, who knows, he might even convince Mark Cuban to host a future NBA All-Star Game.

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David Mata
David Mata

I think the Dallas media should improve their commitment to the Dallas Cowboys. I mean after all, do we get down hard on our kids to make them do better? No, we look at the good points, look at the challenges and use encouragement to allow them to see how they can do better. Why does the media not practice this? Is this the answer. Let the fans create our own blogs.


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