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Best Place for Jenny the Elephant Dallas 2008 - Anywhere But Dallas

Anywhere But Dallas

Anywhere But Dallas

650 S. RL Thornton Frwy

Dallas, TX 75203


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When the Dallas Zoo's 39-year-old elephant KeKe died in May, the media spotlight shined on KeKe's cage mate Jenny, who either needed a new home or a new buddy. Zoo officials decided to send Jenny to the Africam Safari Park, a drive-through zoo in Mexico. A group called Concerned Citizens for Jenny, along with council member Angela Hunt and even actress Lily Tomlin, demanded that Jenny instead be sent to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, where she would have more space to roam. Eventually, the zoo and Park and Recreation Department chose an option that no one was fighting for: Keep Jenny in Dallas by bringing in another elephant and building a $40 million Africa Savannah exhibit. We're not sure where Jenny's future should be spent, though anywhere but Dallas is best given the knuckleheads making the decisions in this city.

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I respect the zoos who have had the character and integrity to send their old zoo elephants to sanctuaries as it is the right thing to do. No politics or AZA issues should matter. These elephants have done their time in a box and now it's time for them to have hundreds of acres to roam for the few years they have left in their lives. It's an easy solution when one decides to think about the elephant and not their job or position within the AZA.


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