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Best Place to Become a Fortuneteller Dallas 2008 - The Silver Pyramid

The Silver Pyramid

The Silver Pyramid

101 S. Coit Road

Richardson, TX 75080


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Depressed about this year's lack of new Harry Potter tomes? Get your fix of crystal balls, mystical creatures and divinations at The Silver Pyramid, a den of magical objects. The shelves are stocked with a variety of rocks and stones that hold special "energies," as well as crystal orbs, jewelry, quartz and "singing" bowls for meditation. Consult the pendulums, which respond to yes-or-no questions to provide guidance. But don't go to the Pyramid in a hurry. Owners Steve and Kathy Collins enjoy providing customers with detailed explanations of the products. Future cloudy? We predict you'll get some insight here (or at least have a good grin looking at all the stuff).

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"Something draws people to the Silver Pyramid."  It might be the owner, Stephen Collins, sometimes called Stephano.  There have been a few extra women customers there these days, perhaps because Stephano is now a bachelor.  He is one of those guys that women can really talk to, a genuine friend, though they may have secret thoughts because of his striking, artful appearance.  (Check out the photographs at their website.  All the people who work there are cool, inside and out.)  The jewelry at Silver Pyramid is marvelous.  The rare, unique piece you have been searching for... is there.  While you are looking, Stephano will talk with you about your life's dreams.  If you want some heavenly light to shine on your life, go to the Silver Pyramid.


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