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Best Pro Coach Dallas 2008 - Wade Phillips, Dallas Cowbowys

Readers' Choice: Readers' pick: Wade Phillips

Kinda by default, admittedly. Avery Johnson got fired. Ron Washington almost got fired. And the only reason Dave Tippett didn't get fired is because everyone forgot about hockey. Phillips basically generated action from inaction. His laid-back, country-fried persona was just what the Cowboys needed in the wake of a Sergeant Asshole named Bill Parcells. Phillips set the tone immediately, referring to his best receiver as "Terrell Owens" instead of merely "the player." Geez, it ain't rocket science. Shackles removed and pressure evacuated, the Cowboys won 13 games and produced a record 13 Pro Bowlers. His "the best team didn't win" whine/rant after the playoff loss to the Giants wasn't very becoming, but it still feels like Phillips is the right guy at the right time. Of course, if the Cowboys don't win the Super Bowl this season, the son of a Bum will find himself winning "Best Coach to be Fired" in next year's issue.

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What a blantantly incorrect comment.

when was Dave Tippett on the verge of being fired this past season? the stars made it to the western conference finals, the cowboys have not won a playoff game in over 10 years.


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