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Best Sandwich Dallas 2008 - Meatball Sub - Greenville Avenue Pizza Co.

Meatball Sub - Greenville Avenue Pizza Co.

Meatball Sub - Greenville Avenue Pizza Co.

1923 Greenville Ave.

Dallas, TX 75206


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We know this guy from Boston. Sort of The Friends of Eddie Coyle meets The Departed. We're not saying he's a wiseguy, 'cause there's a little Fever Pitch thrown in there too, but the dude knows his meatball sandwiches. It's no surprise, really, that he found one at the Greenville Avenue Pizza Company, 'cause whoever runs the place has got a little Goodfellas in him. The restaurant opened last October, and already it has a reputation. More than one person has come up to us and said, "You won't believe this pizza, it's the best pizza you've ever had." And it's nothing compared with the meatball sandwich. Trust our friend from Boston. He knows a meatball when he sees one.

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Well i have to say poor poor sad service, i have orderded from this place before at least 10 times I know of in the last year, well i just tried placing an order today 3-16-12 1:43am.Anyways this guy Jeff Picks up the phone and tries telling me he can't deliver to me anymore that i am out of his radius as far as deliveries are concerned, this would all be okay to me if this had occured the first time ordering from him, but this was about the 10th time and now all of a sudden they can't deliver to me I am pissed I am hungry right now, out of groceries and husband has the car so not so many choices this late at night considering my pycheck don't get to me until midnight. that was a low blow and then to top it off he wants to start arguing with me because he is in the wrong. . .your a pure ass hole and you are being reported to the better business bureau thats a promise. . . all over food" now thats fucked up."

Not Worth the Wait
Not Worth the Wait

Whether you want a meatball sub or a pizza, AVOID Greenville Ave. Pizza Co. delivery unless you like yours ice cold. Delivery typically takes between 2 and 3 hours on a weekend, even though they tell you 30 minutes. You can grow the tomatoes, grind the sausage, and ferment milk into mozzarella cheese quicker than their driver will bring your pizza or sub. Seriously. No food is worth this kind of wait.


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