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Best Sweet & Raw Dallas 2008 - Hail Merry

Hail Merry

Hail Merry

5750 E. Lovers Lane

Dallas, TX 75206


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It's hard to know what kind of food we should be the most terrified of. One minute we're avoiding carbs and loading up on eggs and steak; the next minute we're cleansing our cupboards of trans fats. Next thing you know, it's E. coli-laced spinach and bovine growth hormones. And to further confuse us, there are companies like Hail Merry that dare to suggest that some fats are healthy! Developed by Dallas raw food chef Susan O'Brien, the Hail Merry line of treats—including macaroons, granola and chocolate tarts—are raw, vegan and organic and were created under the philosophy that plant-based fats are actually beneficial. Some of the treats may even help lower your cholesterol with oleic acid. So now chocolate macaroons are health food? Bring on the cookie revolution!

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jules davenport
jules davenport

Hail Merry is so full of crap.Raw????Maple syrup is not raw.And to add insult to injury palm sugar is boiled...give me a break Susan you self righteous appointed queen riding high on your throne...i am here to knock you off your throne.You shouls be beheaded!Take a good look in the is either raw or i not right.Get off the fence.


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