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Best Thrift Store Dallas 2008 - Value World

Value World

2223 S. Buckner Blvd.

Dallas, TX 75227


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Some bigger-name thrift stores have, over time, become less and less of a place to find an actual good deal. (A dress that originally sold at Target for 20 bucks...and you want $12 for it? A hideous '80s prom dress for $34.99? Dream on.) Value World, on the other hand, continues to have good prices on clothes, shoes, books and housewares. Also, the selection tends to be better (read: less picked-over by hipsters) than some of the local Goodwill and Salvation Army stores. Our specific finds have included: a leather Prada skirt for $7, several pairs of nearly new Cole Haans and some Chanel flats ($5).

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This is one of the best thrift stores, not just in Dallas, but of just about anywhere. I make a hobby of visiting thrift and surplus stores when I travel, and this IS certainly one of the best. Totally agree with a previous comment calling it the best. Also, if you find something with no price, they will usually go ahead and price it for you instead of refusing to sell it untill it is reprocessed and priced. Employees have always been friendly and heplful. I can't pass by this place without stopping in for a quick walk through to see what has recently been set out, often don't buy anything, but more often find some great bargains.


You must not have been there in a while. I went there and the store was a dirty mess,clothes on the floor,as well as other items.Everything in the store is over priced. We all know these items are donated and so why are the prices so high? We are poor people and thrift stores is where we has to shop. Now it is getting so we are not being able afford to shop at the thrift stores. I'm just wondering why the people that donate just run a ad on craigs list announcing they has items to donate. The ad is free and list the items under free stuff. I know there are many poor people like me that reads craigs list daily that would be more than happy to go pick up the items they have to donate. Because these stores that call themselves thrift stores price the donated items like they Dillards Department Store. Which is really sad, there needs to be some regulations on the way these stores price the donated items.


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