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Best Tuna Roll Transfiguration Dallas 2008 - Loft 610 - CLOSED

Loft 610

Loft 610

5760 State Highway 121

Plano, TX 75024


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Forget the rice or the ribbons of seaweed binding tight around the precious little bands of meat. Loft 610's rolls are loosely bound in long, thin ribbons of cucumber with generous strips of tuna, as dark as a blood blister, woven with slivers of carrot to slip in some sweet. Cucumber is the air conditioner of the culinary canon, thus this composition is cool, moist and revitalizing. Plus it crunches. Use them to smear the dribbles of sweet soy on the plate. Refresh with fresh ginger shavings. Repeat. Lofty.

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Congratulations to Chef Rodriguez!I have worked with him for many years and he is a very gifted and talented chef! Kudos to making it on the Best of List in your 1st Gig as Executive Chef!


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