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BEST Community Theater Dallas 2009 - Artisan Center Theater

Artisan Center Theater

Artisan Center Theater

418 E. Pipeline Road

Hurst, TX 76053


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Proprietor Richard Blair has created a community theater beloved by its surrounding community. There's never a weekend dark at this 150-seat, in-the-round playhouse tucked beside an old movie theater in a Hurst shopping center. Double- and sometimes triple-casting roles, Artisan gives amateur actors lots of work in shows like My Fair Lady, Grease, Nunsense and other family-friendly titles. The house is always full (tickets are only $12), and the atmosphere is casual (snacking is allowed and encouraged). The recent hiring of Broadway veteran John Wilkerson as full-time artistic director is a good sign that Artisan's already popular shows might be getting more professional polish.

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Richard Blair
Richard Blair

Wow! Thanks for the inspiring Title! Now, can you find me a place to sleep tonight?! It is my wife, DeeAnn, and Dorothy Sanders, that is the genius behind Artisan Center Theater. I have a full time career (or at least, will have, until my boss reads this story) in Dimensional Metrology (the science of measurement). I also volunteer at the theater over 60 hours a week and help raise money to support their noble efforts. I clean toilets and wash windows and help wherever needed. I cannot act, or sing or dance and marvel at the amazing talent in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that audition for each and every production.

Indeed, this community is blessed with some of the most inspiring performers in America! They do not get paid. Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by this? Or is it just me? To dedicate so much personal time and resources purely for the enlightenment and entertainment of your fellow man... imagine that? That is why The Dallas Observer has touched upon what makes 2009 a Great Year in spite of the economy. The fine citizens of Dallas that support the Arts have made this a wonderful place to live!

Yes, I am a Founder and strong supporter of Artisan Center Theater. But the credit goes to two very inspired women who have created a wonderful playground for the entire family! Congratulations ladies!


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