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Best Eye Guy Dallas 2009 - Dr. R.B. Schpok, Optometrist

Dr. R.B. Schpok, Optometrist

Dr. R.B. Schpok, Optometrist

5622 E. Mockingbird Lane

Dallas, TX 75206


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For the uninsured, finding affordable eye exam docs is often like running up a blind alley. Then we found Dr. Rodney B. Schpok, a reasonably priced ($79 per exam) optometrist who is quick, efficient and surprisingly funny. Clicking through the lenses as you peer at the eye chart, the Woody Allen-esque doc never stops with the quips. "Let's try the left one now," he says, switching from one eye to the other. "And that's also the name of my upcoming autobiography." Here's a guy who sees through the glass(es) lightly.

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I want to be able to have an eye doctor that is personable, funny, qualified and affordable like Dr. Schpok in this article. I just moved and I have been trying to find all of the places I will now need to go for my health care. I hope I can find a good eye doctor soon, I think the prescription on my classes needs to be updated, I am having trouble seeing through them clearly.
Emily Smith |


The above review says it all: quick, reasonably priced, and definitely entertaining. Dr. Schpok is an excellent alternative to your typical stoic, impersonal Doc. He's obviously not out to make a buck, as I've been provided with a free pair of contact lenses during one visit ("Yours are three weeks old? Well, heck, throw these on") and even received a couple of no-charge, 2-minute checkups for a corneal abrasion I had. Don't go expecting a handout, but do expect to receive excellent and generous service.


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