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Best Hamburger Dallas 2009 - Wingfield's



2615 S. Beckley Ave.

Dallas, TX 75224


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Readers' Choice: Twisted Root Burger Co. 2615 Commerce St • 214-741-7668

Sure, it's five miles from downtown, and, no, it's not fast food. But, man, is it worth it. A Wingfield's hamburger is one giant and extremely juicy fistful of beef on a big fluffy bun with fresh makings and that hot, right-off-the-grill taste with just a touch of singe—not frozen patties from Sam's and relish out of a can. The place itself, a few blocks south of Illinois Avenue, is postage-stamp small with a skimpy parking lot out front, so at busy times you may have to park half a block away and walk. The etiquette is to squeeze in the door, place your order, squeeze back out the door and wait 15 minutes or more. Then squeeze back in and check. They don't come get you. This is one you need to go get for yourself.

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Wingfield's was one of the most disappointing eating experiences I've ever had. I just don't get it. Yes, they are huge.


Agree WHOLEHEARTIDLY on Wingfield's...It's SO much better than the usual suspects of Jake's and Snuffer's. The reader's choice of Twisted Root is highly questionable as well. You get a MUCH better burger across the street at Adair's.


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