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Best Liquor Store Dallas 2009 - Goody Goody

Goody Goody

Goody Goody

3316 Oak Lawn Ave.

Dallas, TX 75219


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Readers' Choice: Goody Goody Liquor, Various Locations

Sure, all the Goody Goody stores are good. For selection and especially price, they outrank every other shop in the metro area. What costs $25 at, say, Pogo's runs in the $19 region at Goody Goody. We like the Addison location because it is expansive. And that means large. And that means they stock more than some of the other stores—two long rows of vodka, one dedicated to gin. Whiskeys broken into regions, with dozens of selections for Canadians alone. Yeah, they skimp a little on single malts, but not on bourbon. Need to satisfy that Lillet or Aquavit craving? No problem.

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Two long rows of vodka and they didn't carry my fav ginger vodka Yazi.... I miss Spec's.


I find Goody Goody to be a bit expensive compared to other liquor stores. Wanted the blue label Johnny Walker and it was $230 at Goody Goody. Fount it for around $140 or so at Beverage Depot. Wine selection is better at Goody Goody but if you're looking for booze, the beverage depot place has great prices.


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