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Best Local Sports Radio Show Dallas 2009 - Dunham & Miller, KTCK-1310 AM/104.1 FM

Readers' Choice: The Hardline, KTCK-1310 AM/104.1 FM

Given Greg Williams' departure from The Hardline, the most consistently entertaining/informative show on the radio belongs to George Dunham, Craig Miller and Gordon Keith, weekdays 5:30-10 a.m. on The Ticket. It's about sports. It's about life. It's about nothing. It's about everything in between. It's—most important—about domination. Dunham and Miller are at this point basically lapping the field in Arbitron ratings. Every hour their show attracts twice as many listeners as the offerings of 103.3 FM ESPN and 105.3 The Fan. Combined. Over the years they've developed the perfect recipe for morning radio with tasty pinches of interviews, topical headlines via "Muse in the News" and heady, though sometimes homerish takes across our sports smorgasbord. Some of us set our watches by "Ladies Day," Thursday mornings in Gordo's Corner.

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You boys may have won this year, but I'll be back!Just let me ask you this...Do you like this gig? That's not the question. Do you like your job?

Hey Jub, where's my chicken??
Hey Jub, where's my chicken??

Those douches are totally old. Junior bikes around like a pansy, and Gordon is the box-top model for Just for Douchey Men hair and beard color.


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