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Best Marriage of Cattle and Quail Dallas 2009 - The Dirty Love Burger at the Love Shack

The Dirty Love Burger at the Love Shack

The Dirty Love Burger at the Love Shack

110 E. Exchange St.

Fort Worth, TX 76164


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After we watched Fort Worth's Tim Love on Top Chef Masters, he truly earned our respect. He made an impressive trio of dishes—in a dorm room—with accidentally frozen ingredients. But it's away from the cameras and back in the Stockyards kitchens where Love really impresses. His flavor profiles aren't overly complex combinations that shock the palate; they're simple, thoughtful and—when it comes to his Love Shack burgers—oh-so savory. Love grinds fresh daily half prime tenderloin and (a thousand times yes!) half prime brisket for the patties. They're cooked to order on the outdoor grill and, if you order wisely (the Dirty Love Burger), there'll be a fried quail egg atop the American cheese, veggies and Love sauce. The result is tender, juicy, unbelievably messy and perfect. But then, we'd hope the guy who led a trail drive all the way to New York to collect his James Beard Award would know how to cook a good sloppy burger.

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