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Best Men's Club Dallas 2009 - Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls

10250 Shady Trail

Dallas, TX 75220


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Readers' Choice: The Lodge, 10530 Spangler Road, 972-506-9229

Designing a topless bar is like cooking a bowl of porridge for Goldilocks. Dim the house lights, flood it with too much black light and pump up the DJ's volume, and the environment is just too distracting, making it hard to see what you came there to see. On the other hand, boost the lighting too much, and sometimes you can see things you'd really rather not (cellulite, dudes, Dad). Burch Management Co.'s nationally celebrated club Baby Dolls gets it just right, with a huge rectangular bar overlooking a gigantic turntable stage lit by an array of lights that strike the perfect balance, letting you see what you came there for—the free lunch buffet. OK, maybe not the buffet, but certainly a feast of tanned, beautiful women. Six mini-stages scattered about the massive, well-lit room add to the variety, and a dim upstairs area is the perfect little hideaway for a private dance. Tired of looking at fit and fantastic women? Then check out the more-than-50 widescreen televisions tuned to sports. (What's wrong with you?) The whole club has a friendly vibe, like the lobby of a Vegas hotel but with none of the aggressive pushiness that makes a club-goer feel like a mark. It's the perfect strip club for tasteful shy folk who appreciate the aesthetics of a well-toned body. Yeah, that's it...

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