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Best Middle Eastern Restaurant Dallas 2009 - Afghan Grill

Afghan Grill

Afghan Grill

17370 Preston Road

Dallas, TX 75252


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Readers' Choice: Ali Baba Café1901 Abrams Road 972-437-1222

Afghanistan, as a geographic entity, was well-situated to benefit from the Mediterranean's culinary breadth, as well as the unique flavors from the mountainous areas. Spice flowed through the region as early traders traversed the land. And it all winds up here in Dallas, as densely flavored meats, exotic platters, thick and pasty servings of hummus, the beautiful variety of dumplings. Afghan Grill can be one of the most rewarding nights out the city has to offer, especially if you're a fan of things bold and garlicky.

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Jane Smith
Jane Smith

I thought I left the wonderful ethnic flavors of food when I left D.C., but much to my suprise I found them in this delightful place called the Afghan Grill. I thought I was home again, only in Plano, Texas. All the smells and tastes surrounded me and I was in bliss. If you haven't tried these wonderful flavors, treat yourself to their appetiser platter and introduce yourself to this wonderful cuisine.

Mariam Nabizad
Mariam Nabizad

Incredible food presented beautifully in a gorgeous restaurant. Five stars!


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