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Best Miniatures Dallas 2009 - Through the Keyhole

Through the Keyhole

11700 Preston Road

Dallas, TX 75230


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The allure of the dollhouse is apparent: A place where the dollhouse owner can carefully control the environment and actions of each doll, building an entire fantasy world with no outside influences or real-life repercussions. Also, tiny stuff just looks cool. Whether you're staging a complicated sociological drama with your dolls or simply creating your dream house, a visit to Through the Keyhole is a necessity. The shop is crammed full of miniatures in every category: food, bedding, decor, furniture, textiles, lighting and more. If you're starting from scratch, Through the Keyhole can also outfit you with an empty dollhouse or a dollhouse kit. You may feel like a powerful giant as you hold a ceramic plate on your fingertip or squint at a small-scale newspaper, but just be a benevolent dictator to your dolls, OK?

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Through the Keyhole is the best miniature shop! I started with a dollhouse from there, have taken several classes, learned to wire my house for electricity and work with Gail to order just the right furnishings for my 14 room house. She is a wonderful source of knowledge and is not hesitant to refer me to others in the know about things she doesn't do. I highly recommend her to adults looking for a new hobby.


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