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Best Place to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without the Guilt Dallas 2009 - Sugarless DeLite

Sugarless DeLite

Sugarless DeLite

1389 W. Campbell Road

Richardson, TX 75080


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After 20 years in business, owner Rick Merlin explains that one of his keys to success is staying open 362 days a year—only closing for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. "If sun's up, we're open," he says. Merlin admits that Sugarless DeLite is hardly a discount store, with items like $10 barbecue sauce on the shelf, but he provides a sanctuary for those avoiding fats and sugar, and people have proved willing to pay a little extra for chocolate, cheesecake and yogurt without the guilt that comes with it. Yup, nearly everything baked and sold at Sugarless DeLite has no sugar and no fat, including the margarita mixes. As Merlin says, "We're the store where your friend who lost 30 pounds shops."

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Sugarless Delite is a great store. It has a wide selection of high quality products that many will love.


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