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Best Place to Spend a Sunday Afternoon Dallas 2009 - Half Price Books

Half Price Books

Half Price Books

5803 E. NW Highway

Dallas, TX 75231


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Sundays are usually the day of the week people pick to do around-the-house chores or just be lazy on the couch while watching Lifetime movies. Why not leave your home and stretch your legs before you are stuck in a cubicle for the next five days at work? The Half Price Books off Northwest Highway is the perfect solution for that. Well, of course they have books, being a bookstore and all, but they also have a used records section that you could easily spend hours rummaging through. If you are low on cash or just not feeling the current books you have, then you can sell them back to Half Price for some dinero. Black Forest Coffee is also attached, so you can enjoy an Americano while reading The Secret Conversations of Henry Kissinger.

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Dale Mack
Dale Mack

Of all the things I miss in Dallas, Half Price Books is probably number one. While South Florida has a lot to offer anyone, used books is not one of them. I've written to HPB to see if they were coming down this way but no chance. Whenever I visit Dallas I stop at as many of these stores as I can. They're awesome! HPB is just one of many things that may me to move back there after all!


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