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Best Rock Bar Dallas 2009 - The Double Wide

The Double Wide

The Double Wide

3510 Commerce St.

Dallas, TX 75226


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Readers' Choice: Trees, 2709 Elm St., 214-651-0773

Sure, there's the live music room across the patio. That helps. But the Double Wide wins points because you don't have to hit the music room—or pay that room's separate cover charge—to enjoy a night of fine music and good friends. Regularly playing host to a couple of the region's finest niche DJs—DJ Slim, whose soul music selection is authentic enough to transport you to another era, and DJ Burlap, whose country tunes offer up a perfect soundtrack to the bar's white trash décor—the bar's recently added another fine offering for its crowd of local musicians and active fans. It hosts a rotating cast of local musicians and advocates as its Tuesday night DJs, ensuring that its insider crowd shows and enjoys a night among friends.

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The readers pick is definitely more on target with this one. Once upon a time I might have agreed with the Observer's choice, but over the last couple of years things have staggered a bit. More bands seem to scoff at the idea of performing at DW now... something to do with poor/shady booking techniques and sound. At least that's the common rumor. Trees still needs to get the new venue kinks out, and a new lighting tech, but it's shining return definitely makes it the best of Dallas.


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