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  • Sports: For Love of the...Um...Game

    Web extra: Video of a Dallas Desire practice with running back Erin Marie Garrett's thoughts on the upcoming season. OK, you can stop with the sniggering, Mr. Football Fan. And you, Ms. Feminist, don't grimace. Yes, we're talking about the Dallas Desire here, our city's franchise in the U.S. Lingerie Football League, but there will be no double entendres, puns or… More >>
  • Best Tex-Pat Blowin' Up

    Anthony Randolph

    If you consider his breakout, dominating performance in this year's NBA summer league, this season will be one to watch for Woodrow Wilson alumni Anthony Randolph. Playing against rookies, sophomores and journeymen, he was easily the best player on the court, averaging 26 points and 8.5 rebounds a game and turning in one epic performance in which he went for… More >>
  • Best Pro Coach

    Rick Carlisle, Mavericks

    Yuck, what's that? Sorry, please excuse the tarnish on the hardware, but this award is sorta by default. How can it not be? Ron Washington almost got fired. Wade Phillips should've been fired. Dave Tippett did get fired. Not sure who FC Dallas' coach is these days, but considering their utter irrelevance, he likely will be fired before you read… More >>
  • Best Decision-Maker

    Jon Daniels, Texas Rangers

    It was a long road for the Texas Rangers' general manager to make it from 20-something punch line to savvy veteran brainiac. But what do ya know? Here he is. The same guy who traded Chris Young and Adrian Gonzalez to the San Diego Padres for Adam Eaton and who dealt John Danks to the Chicago White Sox for Brandon… More >>
  • Best Play-by-Play Voice

    Brad Sham, Cowboys

    Seems a safe bet that this is one of the most competitive categories in this whole damn book. In this corner, you have Eric Nadel, iconic voice of the Texas Rangers for more than 30 years. In this corner, you have Ralph Strangis 'n' Darryl Reaugh, the only hockey announcers North Texas has ever known. Yet standing in the middle,… More >>
  • Best Sports Moment

    Nastia Liukin Wins All-Around Gold

    In a year in which our four major teams produced only one victorious playoff round, we had to look halfway around the world for goose bumps. Following in the historic footsteps of Allen's Carly Patterson, the bee-boppin' Plano gymnast nailed clean routines in four events on August 15, 2008, to capture the women's all-around gold medal in Beijing. Liukin became… More >>
  • Best Debut

    Fabian Brunnstrom, Stars

    Along about the time America's hockey moms were learning about Joe the Plumber, Dallas' hockey fans were introduced to Fabian the Fantastic. At least, he was for a minute. In his first NHL game back in November, the forward produced a hat trick—that's right, three goals—to lead the Stars to their first victory of the season. But before you could… More >>
  • Best Pissin' Match

    Mark Cuban vs. Ross Perot Jr.

    Watching billionaires scrap over millions is almost as fun as watching bikini-clad women mud wrestle. Almost. When Perot sold the Mavericks to Cuban in 2000, he held on to a small slice of the pizza. And when his Hillwood Development Co. lost its ass in the failed Victory Park ghost town, he decided it was Cuban's illegal shenanigans that were… More >>
  • Best Stiff-Arm to Male Chauvinism

    High School Girls 61, 40-Something Guys 44

    The concept, hatched during a boys' trip to the Super Bowl, was simple. Men are better athletes than women. In turn, old boys can kick the basketball ass of young girls. Unlike most ideas light-bulbed by The Ticket, this one flick-flick-flickered and finally died a brutal and humiliating death. On a March night at SMU's Moody Coliseum, a team of… More >>
  • Best Place to Watch an Athlete Watch Sports

    Ten Sports Grill - CLOSED

    They go to Bob's Steak & Chop House when they're hungry. They flitter over to Dragonfly at Hotel ZaZa when they want to get their drink on. But when rich and famous athletes want to hunker down and watch sports over a cold beer in a hot spot, they congregate at Ten. At the corner of Main and Field, the… More >>
  • Best Transaction

    Cowboys Release Terrell Owens

    T.O. = gone. Released in March. Stop for a second. Breathe it in. Relax. Nice, huh? Never in sports has there been a more talented troublemaker than Terrell Owens. That he's a former Dallas Cowboy is good news. Great news. The Cowboys will have to replace his 60 receiving yards a game, sure, but at what price? No more leaders… More >>
  • Best Owner

    Jerry Jones, Cowboys

    Coming in second and third, respectively, are guys who insulted the mother of an opposing player during the playoffs (Mark Cuban) and needed a loan from Major League Baseball to make payroll early this summer (Tom Hicks). So Jones may be a bit sheepish about this award, but there's nothing understated about his $1.1 billion Jonestown Coliseum, better known as… More >>
  • Best Ranger

    Michael Young

    The enduring face of the franchise has given us 10 good years. We'll give him 10 bad days. Initially told about moving to third base to make way for hotshot shortstop Elvis Andrus, Young bitched and moaned and woe-is-me'd his way into hints about being traded. Then he calmed down. Then he showed up to spring training. Then he started… More >>
  • Best Player We Hated to See Leave

    Brandon Bass, Mavericks

    On a generally unathletic Dallas Mavericks team, Bass stuck out like Jesse Owens amongst Amish seamstresses. Though undersized, he played like a 7-footer. He scrapped for loose balls. He pogo-sticked for rebounds. He elevated for jump shots. He will be missed. The worst part? In return the Mavs get exactly nada. While general manager Donnie Nelson was rubbing his hands… More >>
  • Best Reason to Live in Frisco

    Fieldhouse USA

    You might think that Frisco is just a tree-barren concrete jungle of McMansions housing white-bread kids whose idea of diversity is having the option of eating ketchup on their cheeseburgers instead of mayo. And you might be right. But within the northern exurb of 100,000-plus citizens are some fairly attractive destinations, not the least of which is Fieldhouse USA, which… More >>
  • Best Ticket Pinch Hitter

    Mike Bacsik, KTCK-1310 AM

    Judging by his performance this summer as a fill-in host when The Ticket starters took vacation time, Mike Bacsik's broadcasting has much more promise than his baseball career. The Dallas native's 13 years as a pro—mostly spent in the minors—would've been completely forgettable if not for a meaty fastball thrown to Barry Bonds on August 7, 2007, which Bonds hammered… More >>
  • Best Cowboy

    DeMarcus Ware

    If his teammates would've played anywhere near his performance in 2008, the Cowboys might have lived up to their Super Bowl hype instead of pratfalling their way to 9-7. An 11th-round afterthought in the 2005 NFL Draft, Ware has blossomed and matured into one of the league's best defensive players. A stand-up linebacker who beats bigger, stronger linemen with a… More >>
  • Best Maverick

    Dirk Nowitzki

    OK, can we retire the trophy? For a decade now, the giant German has been as consistent as he's been spectacular. And, to think, 2008 might have been his best season. He didn't push the Mavs to the NBA Finals or win an MVP, but he again heart-and-soul'd Dallas to a 50-win, playoff season. With the smoothest, deadliest jumper in… More >>
  • Best FC Dallas Player

    Kenny Cooper

    For the first time since moving from the Cotton Bowl and erasing its Dallas Burn tattoo, FC Dallas has a recognizable, identifiable face of the franchise. Cooper, whose dad was a goalie for the Dallas Tornado back in the day, is the future of Dallas soccer. He's one of ours, growing up playing in Dallas' famed youth programs, starring for… More >>
  • Best Star

    Loui Eriksson

    Pondered giving this award to Sean Avery but, on second thought, he's a selfish asshole who alienated an entire locker room before forcing his way outta town and the NHL with his "sloppy seconds" comment. So we reconsidered, and gave it to the best of—let's be honest—some bad choices. In a forgettable, playoff-less season immediately sabotaged by injuries and Avery,… More >>
  • Best Local Sports TV Anchor

    Babe Laufenberg, KTVT-Channel 11

    Channel 8's Dale Hansen may have pushed our policy on term limits had his creepy love affair with weatherman Pete Delkus not deteriorated from witty to warped. But then again, Babe is quickly becoming the Cowboys voice in this town. Not only is he an insightful analyst on Dallas' radio broadcasts and the host of the weekly TV show with… More >>
  • Best Local Sports Radio Show

    Dunham & Miller, KTCK-1310 AM/104.1 FM

    Given Greg Williams' departure from The Hardline, the most consistently entertaining/informative show on the radio belongs to George Dunham, Craig Miller and Gordon Keith, weekdays 5:30-10 a.m. on The Ticket. It's about sports. It's about life. It's about nothing. It's about everything in between. It's—most important—about domination. Dunham and Miller are at this point basically lapping the field in Arbitron… More >>
  • Other Winning Sports Suggestions From Our Readers

    Best Billiards The Billiard Bar 1920 Greenville Ave. 214-826-7665 Best Bowling Alley Jupiter Lanes 11336 Jupiter Road 214-328-3266 Best Place to Jog White Rock Lake… More >>
  • Best Sporting Goods Store

    PGA Tour Superstore

    Screw foreplay, these places are downright orgasmic. If, that is, you get aroused milling around a warehouse filled with sports memorabilia, a gazillion Izods, two bajillion clubs, a tennis court, a putting green, a chipping area complete with sand trap and countless driving range stalls equipped with computer analysis, simulated courses and a daily $50 closest-to-the-pin contest. Go in for… More >>
  • Best Sports Venue

    Cowboys Stadium

    Duh. We'd say more, but The Dallas Morning News used up all the words with its coverage of the opening.… More >>
  • Best Public Golf Course

    Tenison Highlands

    Consistent upkeep is one of the most important factors to consider when planning a round of golf, as you don't want to find yourself three-putting on greens as slow as U.S. Open rough. Fortunately, you can always depend on Tenison Highlands to be in better condition than most other public courses. That it can be whipped into championship shape quickly… More >>

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