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Best Alternative Club Dallas 2010 - The Church at Lizard Lounge

The Church at Lizard Lounge

The Church at Lizard Lounge

2424 Swiss Ave.

Dallas, TX 75204


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Readers' Choice: Fallout Lounge and Lizard Lounge (TIE)

There's church, and then there's The Church. Can you spot the difference? Both take place on Sunday and both rely on camaraderie. But at one, people sport leather-bound Bibles, while at the other people sport leather-bound booties. The latter takes place at the Lizard Lounge every Sunday and Thursday, where people put on their least-safe-for-work garb and gather for an all-night celebration of their individualism. The Church isn't for everyone, though. Unless you have a penchant for stomach-churning performance art pieces, gothy/dance musical performances and older men flaunting nipple rings and leather girdles, you might want to stick with old time religion. But more spiked-collar-clad people turn out for these weekly events than one might expect, despite it being an alternative club.

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Doesn't help that the only competition is "Amityville Retirement Home for 'Goths'"... Shooting fish in a barrel. It's like saying "Air is the best breathable gas"


Sheesh, host Rubberdoll performances and play Zydrate Anatomy on a regular basis and suddenly you're The Weird People.


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