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Best Bookstore (New) Dallas 2010 - Borders or Barnes & Noble(Your pick)

Borders or Barnes & Noble(Your pick)

Borders or Barnes & Noble(Your pick)

5301 Belt Line Road

Dallas, TX 75254


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We tried to kindle up some way of choosing between Dallas' two national chain giants, but truth be told, deciding between them is like trying to pick your favorite leaf in the Amazonian forest. Similar discounts, similar in-store readings, similar selection of new titles. You got your coffee, your fairly limited selection of books on CDs. Oh, if only there were a way to reach up into the air and effortlessly retrieve a decision between the two, or some magical, electronic piece of wizardry that we could use to calculate which is better. But we're lightweights when it comes to making those sorts of decisions. We're all thumbs. And we're seriously hoping that someone gets our point in time for our next birthday. This too is a hint.

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!!!Tid Bet!!! This goes out to the people who support thier fellow inmates threwout the dallas metroplex, an update or reminder that you can purchase books now from Barnes and Noble Amazon Only., Magazines, books, Novels etc,. I was blessed to see that inmates could recieve books online from thier hobbies and read along up to date books{Shake down steve-}o


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