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Best Camera Repair Shop Dallas 2010 - Garland Camera

Garland Camera

Garland Camera

1401 NW Highway

Garland, TX 75041


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There's no helpless feeling quite like bubble-wrapping your $3,000 SLR camera, dropping it in a mailbox and hoping for the best. With any luck, the package won't be lost, soaked through in the rain or smashed to pieces when some pill-popping long-haul driver bites it careening downhill through the Rockies. Easier, then, to drive yourself to Garland, explain what's wrong and get your camera back in one piece the next day. You'll have to lean over the counter and crane your neck for a look at the mysterious repairman in the back—the man works with machines, not people—but the staff up front will be friendly enough, chatting about their latest photo exploits or one of the antique cameras in the glass case, so it'll hardly even hurt to hand over your camera.

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My camera broke a few weeks ago when my wife dropped it. I've been rather hesitant about sending it in for repair because sometimes I'm not sure if I trust the process. But I think I will try these people out. I should be able to gauge their skill when I drop in.


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