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Best Chocolatier Dallas 2010 - Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Dude, Sweet Chocolate

408 W. 8th St.

Dallas, TX 75208


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There is much to recommend about this Bishop Arts District chocolatier—from the truffles to the "Crack In A Box" bridge mix—but the "Chubby Nuts" are a good place to start: a mix of macadamias, soy nuts, almonds and hazelnuts, all candied, salted and covered in chocolate and powdered sugar. They're so much a staple of mad scientist-confectioner Katherine Clapner's repertoire they've even found their way into inventions like her frozen chocolate-apricot-mole Push-up Pop. Clapner runs to local and seasonal foods, gleefully tossing around tastes like paprika, habanero and curry in homemade marshmallows, kettle corn and truffles. The uncluttered interior leaves much of the confectioner's work out in the open, while folks behind the counter are almost suspiciously patient answering even the most basic questions.

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Actually two questions: 1) I have opened, last night, one of the two bottles of chocolate liquid (the first of two(Lovers Potion #457);( I haven't yet opened the Bourbon flavored mix), both of which I bought last saturday night), and I want to know if you recommend or otherwise refrigeration of the opened bottle after opening. My second quesiton is 2) Do you have any suggested recipes for the usage of these delicious elixers?

Thank you very much for your time and for your excellent product. I am sure that we'll be seeing you often in the future!




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