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Best Club DJs Dallas 2010 - Tony Schwa and Big J.

Ain't no party like a Cool Out party 'cause a Cool Out party don't quit. Quite literally, actually: For the past few years, Dallas has flocked to Tony Schwa and Big J's weekly residency upstairs at the Cavern, which remains the best DJ-helmed party in the Dallas area. Even as more DJs have become hip to the fact that Monday nights are the new Fridays, and that Greenville Avenue's the place to bring those weeknight crowds, Schwa and J have never skipped a beat. They spin their disco and hip-hop tunes for their loving, regular, strong crowds and let the music do the talking. Even in the face of new weeklies at Kush, Sugar Shack and Billiard Bar, all of which aim to take a bite out of Cool Out's reign as the best weekly in town, the duo just seems to be getting stronger and stronger. Perhaps it's their infectious energy and welcoming spirit. More likely, though, it's that they know what music to play to get people dancing without inhibition. It's time the competition came to grips with a certain fact: Cool Out's not in danger of cooling out any time soon.

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soooooo i appreciate your input, but i'd like to point out that the award was for best club djs, not busiest club in the D. now, if you wanna split hairs, we're not even CLUB djs (the cavern's a dive bar) and we still won the award...try n wrap your brain around that one! anywho, i'd like to give a shout to my inside ppl at the observer (the checks in the mail) and extend an invite to all reading this to join WILL SOBER, ADAM PICKRELL, myself and the other 47 ppl who will be at BAR CELINE tonight for the COOL OUT kick-off party from 10p-2a and as always GROWN FOLKS ONLY!!

the truth
the truth

nobody even goes to this anymore, and even when they did it was like 50 people. must be nice to have friends at the observer. good music, but really bad pick, especially now, when the nite is on its last legs.


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